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Acrylic Roof Coating Project Spotlight: Southern AZ AIDS Foundation

An Acrylic Roof Coating Revitalized This Commercial Roof

Here at Dolan Roofing & Construction, we always aim to provide long-lasting, cost-efficient roofing solutions for our commercial roofing clients. Because commercial roofs are so large, finding the ideal solution can result in incredible savings that businesses and organizations can then use to reinvest in their operations. For the building featured in today’s Project Spotlight, that solution was a new acrylic roof coating.

The Dolan Roofing commercial team has expertise in a wide variety of commercial roofing solutions. No matter what your roofing needs are, we can come up with the right solution for your roofing system and budget. Let’s look at how an acrylic roof coating extended the life of 25,000 combined square feet of roofing area at a fraction of the cost of a replacement for SAAF here in Tucson.

Acrylic Roof Coating Project Spotlight: Southern AZ AIDS FoundationBackground and client: Southern AZ AIDS Foundation

For this commercial roofing project, we were called in by the Southern AZ AIDS Foundation. SAAF provides a wide range of resources and services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS, including food and housing, as well as case management, support groups, and more.

Two of their main buildings are located here in Tucson, both large buildings with commercial roofing systems. When these roofs began showing signs of disrepair, SAAF contacted Dolan Roofing for an immediate inspection and quote for the project.

The project: A 25,000-square-foot roof restoration

The commercial roofs of these critical buildings had begun to show signs of damage and deterioration. After talking to the client, we learned that the materials used for this roofing system were nearing the end of their expected service life. 

A close inspection revealed that the roofs showed signs of deterioration and age, but that they had been maintained throughout their service life. Since the roofs were neither holding water nor fully deteriorated, that meant they were a good candidate for an acrylic roof coating rather than needing a full roof replacement.

The challenges: Quick response and cost savings

SAAF was allotted funds to cover this project from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (or HUD). However, they were given a deadline to use these funds by the end of June. This meant they would need a quote and estimate ASAP, and the work would have to be completed very quickly as well, a tricky proposition given the busy calendars and project delays that most of the roofing industry is facing.

While keeping to this strict timeline, the Dolan Roofing team also wanted to ensure we weren’t cutting corners in upholding our standards of providing the most effective and cost-efficient roofing solutions possible. An acrylic roof coating seemed to be the perfect solution for our client’s needs, and we got to work! 

acrylic roof coatingThe result: A new acrylic roof coating to last for years

With these challenges laid out for us, we got to work as soon as possible! Because Dolan Roofing relies on our in-house team of roofers rather than outsourced contractors, we’re able to respond promptly and put in necessary extra hours when the timeline requires it. Our talented roofers also have the experience and knowledge needed to work quickly without sacrificing quality. 

To complete this roof restoration, we thoroughly power washed and dried the roof before applying primer to the roof. After this, the roof was ready for the first layer of acrylic roof coating, followed by a second layer after this had fully dried.

In the end, we were able to complete this project within a tight timeline and add as much as 10 years to the lifespan of this roof. By completing this project using an acrylic roof coating, we were able to save our client around 75% compared to a full tear-off and replacement. That’s a job well done!

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