Happy Thanksgiving from the DRC Family! San Antonio
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Happy Thanksgiving from the DRC Family!

Our Roofing Family Would Like to Wish You a Happy Turkey Day!

As the year starts to wind down, the holiday season is almost upon us once more. Thanksgiving is a great time for, well, taking a second to give thanks for all of the wonderful things happening in our lives. And with our customers choosing us again and again as the “best roofing company near me,” there’s a whole lot of reasons for our Dolan Roofing family to express our gratitude!

With such a challenging couple of years almost behind us, there have been plenty of challenges we’ve all had to overcome. That’s as true for us roofers as for anyone else. And that means gratitude is more meaningful than ever. So from our family here at Dolan Roofing & Construction to you and yours, have a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Here’s what we’re grateful for!

Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings. And honestly, we wound up with a pretty long list! Here are a few of the biggest things we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Our customers!

First off, we’re deeply grateful for all of you! The roofing industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, with labor shortages and a host of supply chain issues when it comes to sourcing roofing materials. These challenges and obstacles have made it more clear than ever before: We simply wouldn’t be here without our loyal customers! Thank you for continuing to trust us as your best roofing company “near me.” We’re here for all of your roofing needs!

Our company and team

Through these hard times, we also wouldn’t be anywhere without each and every one of our skilled team members. Each of us has a key role to play in the company, and we’ve all pulled our weight to keep Dolan Roofing moving forward and providing top-quality roofing services. We’re very thankful for our team!

Our family and friends

Of course, like all of you, one of the things we’re most excited for this Thanksgiving—besides the food!—is the chance to spend some quality time with our loved ones. Family close and distant, friends near and far, we’re just excited to catch up and give thanks for the people that matter most to us. 

Of course, being a family-owned roofing company, many of those family and friends are the folks we work with! For us, that means a chance to spend some time together outside of our roofing work.

Working to be the best roofing company “near me”!

When you have any kind of roofing issue and search for a trustworthy roofing company “near me,” we always want to be at the top of your list. That means working each and every day to provide top-quality roofing solutions backed by friendly, reliable customer service—every time. We’ve worked hard to be the best roofing company we can be, and sometimes it feels like that work is never done. But that just means we always have something to work toward, and that’s certainly something to be grateful for!

The Dolan Family Wishes You a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

To sum up, we’re excited for the holiday season, and we hope you are as well. Our Dolan Roofing San Antonio family would like to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of great food, loved ones, fun, and plenty of gratitude. 

And speaking of gratitude, we’d like to say one last time: Thank you to our loyal customers for choosing Dolan Roofing time and again! We couldn’t be here if not for all of you. We look forward to closing out the year strong and continuing to provide professional roofing solutions no matter what your needs are. Happy Thanksgiving!

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