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Now is the time to book your Tucson roof inspection!

With the calendar turning to March, we’re another month closer to the rain and storms of monsoon season here in Tucson. Last year’s monsoon season was one for the record books, and some homeowners are still feeling the effects after their roofs were put to the test. With a few months between now and the start of this year’s season, now is definitely the right time to book a roof inspection in Tucson!

At Dolan Roofing, we believe prevention is the best way to deal with roofing issues and avoid major damage. That starts with knowing the condition and status of your roof. We offer free roof inspection services throughout the Tucson area to help homeowners ensure the readiness of their roof. Here’s why now is the time to schedule your inspection!

Monsoon season is on the way

While Tucson residents typically don’t have to worry about heavy rains impacting their roof, monsoon season is a major inspection. Running from mid-June until the end of September, the monsoon season tends to bring heavy rainfall and severe storms that can cause damage to roofs and expose existing weak points. And last year, we saw record-breaking rains hit the Tucson area, with July 2021 becoming the rainiest month we’ve ever experienced.

That means it’s important to make sure your roof is ready. Scheduling a roof inspection with a knowledgeable and experienced Tucson roofer is the best way to prepare your roof for the rainfall ahead. 

The ideal time of year for roofing

In many parts of the country, spring is the best time for roofing projects, as the weather tends to be more mild and predictable. In Tucson, however, we have the privilege of enjoying very mild weather during the winter months, meaning any time before the summer is an excellent time to schedule a roofing service. While the winter months are now largely over, March and April are still great times to complete a roofing project in Tucson. 

Calendars are filling up!

Even though the monsoon season is still a few months away, Tucson roofing calendars are starting to fill up as homeowners book inspections, repairs, and replacements. The early months of the year are a popular time for roofing, as the rainy season can make completing major roofing somewhat more challenging.

In addition, the roofing industry is still playing catch-up due to past (and ongoing) supply chain issues. Roof repairs and replacements are on longer-than-usual timelines due to shortages of materials, which means booking early is more important than ever.

What’s covered in a Tucson roof inspection?

While every roofing company is different, most will cover a few key areas during a roof inspection. Your roofer will climb onto your roof and carefully inspect it for signs of damage or issues, including damage to shingles or tiles, water stains, and algae buildup. Roofers will also check the drainage system on your home to ensure it’s functioning properly. 

A thorough roof inspection will also include checking your home’s interior for signs of roofing issues. Your attic can be an especially good place to identify and diagnose roofing problems, as signs of mold and mildew, drafts, or poor ventilation can all indicate a problem with your roof. 

Dolan Roofing: Book Your Free Tucson Roof Inspection Today!

At Dolan Roofing, we specialize in not roof repairs and replacements, but prevention and maintenance as well. We believe that an annual roof inspection is one of the single best things you can do to keep your Tucson roof in good health.

Because this service is so important for maintaining your roof, we offer free roof inspections throughout the Tucson area. We’ll check over every inch of your roof for signs of issues and prepare your roof for the upcoming monsoon season with professional repair services that can add years to the life of your roof. 

There’s still time to book! Contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection in Tucson.

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