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Roof Repair Tucson: Record Breaking Rainfall Hits AZ

Has all this rainfall left your roof vulnerable? It might be time for a Tucson roof repair!

It’s been a wet summer here in Tucson—yes, you read that right! For Tucson residents, the past couple of months have felt truly uncharacteristic, even for our usually rainier monsoon season. Back in July, Tucson saw its wettest month ever, with more than 8 inches of rainfall. That helped push the yearly total past the typical annual average—by mid-August. 

Amid all this rainfall, though, many homeowners have seen their roof put to the test more than ever before. If your roof has struggled to put up with all the recent rainfall, it’s important to schedule a Tucson roof repair promptly to keep water out of your home. Here’s everything you need to know about our recent heavy rains and your roof.

Record-breaking rainfall in Tucson

Rainfall and Tucson don’t usually go together. July (our second-rainiest month) averages just over 2 inches of rainfall. This year, however, has been a very different story! Tucson got more than 8 inches of rain this July, making it the rainiest month since record-keeping began back in 1894. 

Of course, this being the monsoon season, greater amounts of rainfall isn’t necessarily unexpected. As we discussed in a previous post, monsoon season tends to be a busier time of year for roofers to be called on for roof repairs here in Tucson, bringing rain, high winds, and even hail. That means it’s important to keep your roof prepared throughout the summer months and into the early fall, when the monsoon season ends.

How can heavy rains affect my roof?

Your roof is meant to protect the interior of your home from rainwater, of course. All roofs are designed to direct water away through some form of drainage, such as scuppers or gutters. However, especially heavy rainfall can be a problem, either as a result of storms causing damage or by exposing issues that were previously unknown. Here are some of the effects heavy rainfall can have on your roof:


When people think of water-related roofing issues, leaks are probably the first thing that come to mind. A roof leak is perhaps the most obvious roofing issue, as it’s hard not to notice when water starts to drip from your ceiling. Sudden, heavy rainfall can put your roof to the test, with rainwater finding vulnerabilities and seeping into your home.

Stains, mold, and mildew

Even if water doesn’t penetrate all the way down to drip through your ceiling, any sort of vulnerability can allow water to reach underlying portions of your roof. Heavy rains penetrating your roof’s protective outer layer can result in mold and mildew formation, potentially staining ceilings or even interior walls. Of course, this water can also cause rot and structural deterioration in your home as well.

Now is the time to book an inspection!

If you’ve spotted signs of water damage, or you want to make sure your roof is holding up well against our unexpected heavy rains in Tucson, now is the time to book a roofing inspection. A professional roofer will be able to check your roof for vulnerabilities so that you can schedule the appropriate repairs. 

Remember: It’s always important to schedule a roof repair as soon as you know your roof is damaged. While we don’t have a harsh winter to prepare for in Tucson, a roof repair will help shore up your home against any further damage from heavy rains or other adverse weather conditions.

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Dolan Roofing & Construction has served the greater Tucson area with high-quality inspection, roof repair, and maintenance services for more than five years. As a local Tucson roofing company, we know how to protect your home against the unique weather patterns we get out here in the desert. That includes everything from the intense sunlight and heat to our annual monsoon season!

If your roof has been damaged by heavy rains, our team is standing by to inspect, diagnose, and repair your Tucson roof in time for the next round of storms. Contact us today!

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