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When is a Roof Repair the Right Choice?

The experts at Dolan Roofing are here to help you determine if it’s time to repair your roof

When it comes to deciding whether to schedule a replacement or roof repair in Tucson for your home, there’s a lot at stake. This is your roof, after all—maybe the most critical part of your home—so you want to feel confident in your decision. Repairing vs. replacing your roof is a complicated balancing act of costs and benefits. So, when does a roof repair make sense, compared to a roof replacement? 

Here at Dolan Roofing & Construction, our skilled contractors have fixed countless roofing issues for property owners in Tucson. Sometimes the answer is as simple as replacing a few shingles, while other times it’s necessary to ditch the old roof and start over. Here are a few factors that may indicate a roof repair is the best option for you!

Your roof is relatively new

No matter what the material, every roof has an expected lifespan. As your roof ages, it becomes more difficult to repair effectively, and the cost of frequent repairs will ultimately become more expensive than replacing your roof entirely. 

If your roof is fairly new, however, you’re in luck! A damaged roof that was only recently installed is very conducive to repairs. A roof repair company in Tucson should be able to fully repair your roof and add many years to its lifespan.

The damage to your roof is minor or cosmetic

Not all roof damage is created equal! While you should definitely fix any roof damage as quickly as possible, a few missing shingles generally aren’t cause to replace the whole thing. Minor roof damage is quite common, as things like severe storms and high winds can damage shingles and other components of your roof. Further, cosmetic issues such as moss, streaks, or algae growth, while unsightly, can be addressed rather quickly by a roofing professional.

The damage to your roof is moderate, but not widespread

Even moderate to significant damage to your roof can often be addressed with a roof repair. Generally speaking, the severity of damage done to your roof is determined not just by the type of damage, but also the scope of it. What this means is that while the damage may be more than cosmetic (such as in the case of a leak), if it’s contained to just one part of your roof, a repair will often be possible.

The verdict: it’s all about TCO

As mentioned earlier, TCO stands for “total cost of ownership.” In roofing, it describes the cost of your roof not just in terms of the upfront price of installation, but also the costs associated with maintenance—and repairs. In the most straightforward terms, a repair makes the most sense when it won’t bring the TCO of your roof higher than the expected TCO of a new roof. All of the above scenarios—repairing a new roof or a roof that has been moderately damaged—describe situations where the TCO is unlikely to be higher than the TCO of a new roof. As your roof ages, however, and if it sustains severe damage, the price of a repair rises, and eventually a roof replacement becomes the best option. 

If all of this is getting a bit confusing, don’t worry! A professional roofing company in Tucson will be able to break down the costs of a roof repair vs. a roof replacement and help you make an informed decision that works best for your property.

Dolan Roofing & Construction: Expert Roof Repair Tucson

When it comes to commercial and residential roof repair in Tucson, Dolan Roofing and Construction is the expert contractor you want on your side. We’ve been in the restoration and repair business for many years, and we understand how to address all roofing ailments and prepare your roof to weather the next storm. We also aim to provide exceptional service above all else. To us, a major part of that is effectively communicating with you about your roof and helping you make the best decision for your property. For all your roof repair needs in Tucson, Dolan Roofing has the commercial and residential roofing knowledge to do the job. Contact us today!

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