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4 Materials Roofers in Tucson Recommend

Here are the best roofing materials for beating the heat in Tucson!

closeup of terracotta tiles on a roof

While homeowners and roofers in Tucson alike are enjoying the mild weather right now, longtime residents in the area know that the famed Arizona heat is always around the corner. So as we reach one of the best times to replace your roof, now is a good time to consider the best roofing materials to use for the project.

At Dolan Roofing & Construction, we’ve been repairing and replacing roofs as expert Tucson roofers for many years now. In that time, we’ve found that a handful of roofing materials do especially well in the hot sun and dry heat we get here in the desert. So today, we’re taking a look at four roofing materials that we and other roofers in Tucson recommend!

Terracotta and ceramic tiles

Tiles made of ceramic or terracotta are a common sight in the American Southwest. There are good reasons for that, as these materials are well known for their resistance to heat. What’s more, the shape of these tiles (typically curved) allows air to circulate beneath the surface, creating a cooling effect. 

In addition to these anti-heat properties, tile roofs are also incredibly durable, often lasting 50 years or even longer. Finally, terracotta or ceramic tiles give your home an attractive Spanish look, which is very popular in the Southwest. These are just a few of the many reasons why roofers in Tucson frequently work with terracotta and ceramic!

Concrete tiles and slab roofs

While terracotta and ceramic tile roofs offer a host of great qualities, they do tend to be more expensive than most other roofing materials available. For a more affordable alternative, many homeowners and roofers in Tucson will turn to concrete tiles or slabs instead. 

Like terracotta and ceramic, concrete stands up very well against heat and is also highly durable, and the thickness of concrete helps to keep your home cool. For a mix of cooling properties and affordability, concrete tiles or slabs make a great roofing option.

Metal roofing

It might be strange to see such a heat-conductive material on this list. But while metals do conduct heat very easily, they still represent an excellent hot-weather roofing solution for two reasons. 

First, metal is readily available in lighter colors, while types of metal that are darker in color can easily be treated with a reflective coating. In addition to this reflective property, metal roofs can be constructed with what is essentially an “air cushion” between the metal and the roof decking below. This cushion creates a thermal barrier that helps keep your home cool even in intense sunlight.

Light-colored asphalt shingles

Even in Tucson, asphalt shingles are still a material many roofers would recommend, especially for those in search of a highly affordable roofing option. While traditional dark colors can lead to asphalt shingles warping and even melting in extreme heat, this tried-and-true material is now more broadly available in light colors such as gray and shades of tan or light brown. These lighter hues reflect sunlight much more effectively, avoiding this major drawback.

And if you’re worried about the appearance of your roof, you’re in luck! Lighter colored roofs have become a trendy option, so you can have a roof that both looks good and is quite literally cool.

Dolan Roofing & Construction: Top Roofers in Tucson

With milder temperatures still upon us, the months before summer are one of the best times to consider a roof replacement. And as you consider scheduling your roof replacement, it’s good to get an idea of the top materials expert roofers in Tucson recommend for the job!

Dolan Roofing is your go-to Tucson roofing contractor. We’ve been repairing and replacing roofs throughout Tucson for years, and in that time, we’ve seen which materials perform best in the desert—and which ones can’t stand the heat. Our professional team of roofers can work with you to pick out the best roofing system for your needs and budget, and our seasoned roofers provide superior service and workmanship for all of our customers. Contact us today to start planning your roof replacement!

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