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Tucson Monsoon Season & Your Roof

Do you know what to expect during monsoon season?

Monsoon season is in full swing, and roofing companies in Tucson are already standing by to help homeowners repair and replace their roofs following storm damage. As storm restoration specialists, we always try to keep our readers and customers informed here at Dolan Roofing. So today, we’re dedicating a post to Tucson’s monsoon season and answering several key questions about this stormy time of year. Let’s get started!

What is a monsoon?

If you’ve never learned about monsoons before, your first thought may be that a monsoon is a single weather event, such as a special kind of storm. This is not the case, however. At the most basic level, a monsoon is a seasonal shift in the prevailing direction of the wind.

While this may not seem like a big deal, this change in wind direction has a major impact on the weather, depending on the location. Here in Tucson, monsoon season brings the most severe weather we see all year, including severe storms featuring high winds, heavy rain, and even damaging hail.

When is monsoon season in Tucson?

Tucson’s monsoon season officially begins on June 15 every year—so yes, it’s already ongoing! The monsoon season lasts for a little more than three months, officially ending on September 30. Of course, this is just an estimate, and we can certainly see severe weather before or after those official dates.

How can monsoon season affect my roof?

As you might expect, busy season for roofing companies in Tucson generally coincides with the monsoon season. That’s because monsoons bring an uptick in severe weather and storms that can cause major damage to roofs in the area. What kind of damage should you be on the lookout for? Here are some ways monsoon season can affect your roof:

Wind damage

High winds can cause damage to roofs, loosening shingles and, in some cases, causing membrane roofs to billow or “tent.” To avoid wind damage, make sure your roof is in excellent condition, with no loose shingles or torn membrane. Wind can also damage your home by kicking up debris and causing it to strike your home at high speed. To avoid this, make sure your yard is clear of any loose objects before storms arrive!

Leaks from sudden, heavy rainfall

Rain? In the desert? Yes, while rain storms may be rare here in Tucson, they become much more common as the winds shift during monsoon season—in fact, we’ve already seen more rain this monsoon season than in 2020. Sudden, heavy rain can cause problems for your roof if it isn’t up to the task. If heavy rain causes water to start accumulating on your roof, you may experience water damage or leaks.

Hail damage

Hail is one of the major enemies of roofing. Large, dense hailstones can cause a great deal of damage in a single storm, denting shingles and, in some cases, cracking roof tiles or knocking them loose. If your home is hit by a hail storm, it’s a good idea to contact roofing companies in Tucson to inspect your home for damage.

Watch out for microbursts, too!

Another hazardous weather event we sometimes see during monsoon season is a microburst. Microbursts sometimes form within thunderstorms, and they create a powerful column of wind blowing straight downward. While highly localized, microbursts can cause incredible damage to your home and roof. Because they are so localized and short-lived, it’s difficult for meteorologists to put out warnings when it comes to microbursts—so be sure to take shelter from any severe storms in your area.

Make sure you have a trusted roofing company in your corner

No matter where we’re at in monsoon season, it’s important to have a roofing company in your corner that you can trust to keep your home and family covered. Storm damage can be sudden and severe, and the last thing you’ll want after experiencing storm damage is to waste time trying to find a roofer. By having an established Tucson roofing partner throughout monsoon season, you’ll already know who to call if your roof becomes damaged!

Dolan Roofing: Leader Among Roofing Companies in Tucson

Your trusted partner among roofing companies in Tucson, Dolan Roofing has been providing reliable repairs, roof replacements, and inspections throughout Tucson for more than 5 years. We specialize in storm restoration, covering not just your roof, but your siding, gutters, and deck as well. No matter what part of your home becomes damaged during this monsoon season, Dolan Roofing is standing by to help! Contact us today.

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