Solar Panel Warranty: Why We Partner With SolarInsure San Antonio
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Solar Panel Warranty: Why We Partner With SolarInsure

SolarInsure Is Our Solar Panel Warranty Provider. Here’s Why!

For us here at Dolan Roofing & Construction, creating our solar division required much more than just partnering with solar installers. We wanted to maximize peace of mind for our solar customers, and we scoured the industry for the best ways to provide that security to our customers. In the end, we found that the best way to maximize peace of mind was through the best solar panel warranty in the industry—something only possible through SolarInsure.

So why is SolarInsure such an ideal partner for solar panel warranties? Great question. Here are some of the top benefits they provide.

A Truly Complete Solar Panel and Component Warranty

A warranty is only as good as its coverage, and SolarInsure is head and shoulders above the rest of the industry in that department. With 30 years of coverage, the SolarInsure warranty lasts for the entire life expectancy of most solar panel arrays. But that 30 years of coverage includes much more than just the panels themselves, extending to all components of your solar array (such as inverters, storage units, etc.) and covering labor costs as well.

But SolarInsure doesn’t stop there. In addition to warranty coverage, they also provide monitoring technology that reports component failures to minimize the downtime of your solar array.

Vetted Solar Installers and Manufacturers

Our solar division at Dolan Roofing only partners with the top solar installers in our San Antonio and Tucson markets. That’s because we care about the quality our customers receive when it comes to solar installation.

SolarInsure shares that value with Dolan, and thoroughly vets each and every solar installer and manufacturer before providing coverage for their work. That means, when you work with Dolan, backed by SolarInsure, you’re working only with solar companies who have been vetted twice over!

Excellent Convenience and Customer Care

We care deeply about the customer experience here at Dolan Roofing. From the very beginning, we’ve taken pride in our status as a family-owned roofing company that treats each and every customer like one of our own. 

SolarInsure also takes pride in their customer service, and it’s easy to see why. In addition to their convenient monitoring system, their customer care team provides a seamless experience, and they also offer online claim filing for added convenience. Once filed, they work quickly to address each and every claim in order to keep your array’s downtime to a minimum.

Looking to Sell Your Home? Pass the Value Along!

Adding a solar array can be a great way to add future value to your home, in the event that you’ll be looking to sell somewhere along the line. Still, some potential homebuyers may balk at the potential risk of caring for a solar system.

The SolarInsure warranty system takes care of that concern, however, as the solar panel protection provided by this warranty can be transferred from homeowner to homeowner. This means that potential buyers not only get the immediate savings of a solar array, but the peace of mind of a powerful warranty for the remaining life of the system. You’ll be able to factor the value of this warranty into the final sale price of your home as well!

Get the Best in Roofing and Solar with Dolan!

Our solar panel warranty through SolarInsure is just part of what makes working with Dolan Roofing San Antonio for your solar needs so great. As the roofing partner to the top solar installers in the business, we ensure your roof is in excellent health before a single solar panel is installed. That partnership enables our customers to get the most value possible over the life of their solar array.

For the best customer experience and unmatched peace of mind, contact Dolan today for your solar roofing needs!

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