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5 Qualities the Best Tucson Roofing Companies Share

Apr 21, 2021

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What should you look for in a roofer?

You have many Tucson roofing companies to choose from. So what qualities should you look for in the best roofers? At Dolan Roofing, we feel that experience, reputation, and communication are just a handful of the attributes that each of the top Tucson roofers should demonstrate. We strive to uphold these values and qualities in everything we do to provide the best roofing services possible. Here are 5 qualities that the best roofers share!

Fully licensed and insured

For starters, every reputable and reliable roofing company will be fully licensed and insured. Proper licensing and insurance doesn’t just prove that a roofer is legitimate—these certifications also protect you as a homeowner.

Why does licensing and insurance matter?

While unlicensed roofers can offer cut-rate prices, they also often provide lower-quality roofing work. In addition, insurance protects you from liability should anything go wrong (such as an injury) during your roofing project. If your roofer isn’t properly insured, the legal liability is likely to fall on you!

Locally owned and operated

The top Tucson roofing companies are roofers who are truly Tucson roofing companies—that is, they’re owned and operated right here in the Tucson area. Hiring a locally owned and operated roofing company provides several benefits.

Why hire a local roofer?

Local roofers are typically better for a few reasons. For one, they’re more accessible, meaning you can count on them to provide prompt service in the event of an emergency roofing need. Local roofers also know the area best. They’ll be able to provide you with roofing options tailored to suit the particular needs of the local climate or building codes.

Highly experienced

Another quality that the best roofers share is experience. Roofers that have been in business for longer will have a better foothold in the industry, a longer track record, and will often have relationships with top manufacturers, among many other benefits.

Why does experience matter in roofing?

Roofing projects are unpredictable! You never know what may be lying beneath that old layer of shingles on your home. An inexperienced roofer may not know how to handle the many unexpected situations that roofing projects present. A seasoned veteran, however, will have the skills and expertise to reliably provide the right solution for your roof.

A solid reputation

As you might expect, better roofers will receive high marks from their past customers. This will be reflected in Google reviews as well as when searching through BBB roofing companies. Roofers with more experience have an advantage here, as well, as you’ll be able to see more ratings of their work than you would with a new roofing company.

Is there more to reputation than just a rating?

Absolutely! While an overall rating can help you get a shortlist of the best Tucson roofing companies, the rating isn’t the whole story. Read through reviews to find out what people praise about each roofer—and what they criticize. Pay attention not just to negative reviews, but to how the roofing company responds to these reviews. Do they do their best to rectify the situation, or do they make excuses?

Transparent and communicative

Finally, a quality sometimes overlooked in roofers is good communication. The top Tucson roofing companies are open and transparent, providing accurate quotes and thorough, honest assessments of the health of your roof.

Why does transparency matter in roofing?

While the roofing industry has improved over time, there are still plenty of dishonest roofers out there. They may provide incomplete quotes before adding hidden fees, or they might say your roof needs to be replaced when the problem could be addressed through an effective roof repair. When you work with a transparent roofer, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your roofing company is doing the best work they can for your roof.

So what makes a good roofer?

The best roofers are those with a strong focus on quality workmanship and customer service. Good roofers communicate well, don’t cut corners, tend to be locally based, and have the necessary roofing experience to tackle any roofing project.

Dolan Roofing: One of the Best Tucson Roofing Companies!

At Dolan Roofing, we always aim to provide the best roofing services for each and every one of our customers in Tucson and the surrounding area. We’re fully licensed and insured, highly experienced, and always transparent—from the initial quote through the final inspection. As a locally based company, we truly care about our community, and we treat our customers like family. For top-quality roofing in Tucson, trust Dolan Roofing to get the job done! Contact us today.