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Tucson Roofing: Why Now Is the Time to Book an Inspection

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Between supply chain issues, labor shortages, and record-breaking rainfall (yes, really!), 2021 was an interesting time to be a roofing company in Tucson. But while we can’t predict the future, many of those same factors will continue to impact roofing projects (and roofs) well into 2022.

It’s always best to schedule a roofing inspection earlier rather than later. However, with the many ongoing problems that will continue to delay roofing projects, time is of the essence now more than ever! If you’re in need of a new roof this year, or if your roof sustained damage during last year’s monsoon season, it’s critical to start the process of scheduling your project right away. Let’s take a look at why now is the time to book an inspection for your roof!

Record-breaking rainfall in 2021

Tucson saw higher than average rainfall in the 2021 monsoon season, largely thanks to an extremely wet July that saw the area drenched with more than 8 inches of rainfall. This high volume of rain—the most ever recorded in a single month—put exceptional strain on roofs in the area. 

As one of the top roofing companies in Tucson, the Dolan Roofing team was kept busy helping homeowners and business owners alike deal with newfound leaks in their roofs. Of course, excessive rainfall can cause other, less obvious roofing issues as well. Accumulating moisture can result in water stains as well as mold and mildew that weakens the structure of a roof. 

If your roof was soaked during last year’s monsoon season and you didn’t have it inspected or repaired, you should contact a Tucson roofing company promptly to get on their schedule before the next monsoon season hits. Even though the season won’t officially begin until mid-June, the earlier you call the better, because…

Supply chain issues and labor shortages are still impacting the industry

The roofing industry has been hit particularly hard by all those supply chain issues you keep hearing about. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing through this past year, manufacturers and roofing companies alike have been faced with staff shortages limiting their efficiency. 

This has left roofers’ calendars more full than usual, and shortages of roofing materials have continued causing major roofing projects to be delayed. This means that the earlier you can have your roof inspected, the better—as the timeline for a roof repair or replacement may be more protracted than usual.

Now is an ideal time for inspections and roofing projects!

Here in Tucson, we have a pretty unique climate. That means the best times of year for roofing are a bit different from the rest of the United States. While cold winters often make roofing work difficult from December through February, in Tucson this time of year is actually ideal, as we experience relatively mild temperatures and infrequent rainfall. 

This continues into the spring until right around the time when monsoon season arrives in mid-June, with high temperatures and more frequent rainfall sometimes interrupting roofing projects. All this is to say it’s definitely a great time to call your preferred Tucson roofing company to schedule an inspection before the monsoon rains arrive!

Dolan Roofing: Leading Roofing Company in Tucson

Dolan Roofing provides top-quality roofing services to homeowners throughout the Tucson area. We’ve operated as a Tucson roofing company for many years, and that experience gives us an edge when it comes to navigating this desert city’s unique roofing challenges.

Whether your roof is showing signs of damage after last year’s monsoon season, or if you haven’t had it inspected for a while, our team is standing by to provide a thorough inspection to prepare your roof for the months ahead. Contact us today to get started!

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