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Best Roof Repairs: When It’s Time to Fix & When to Replace

Do you know when to fix or replace your roof?

The best roof repairs are done promptly and proactively to maintain the health of your roof. But while a repair can add years to the lifespan of your roof, this isn’t always the best option. In some cases, a roof may be in too poor of condition for a repair to help much. In those cases, a roof replacement, rather than repairs, will likely be best. 

At Dolan Roofing, we’re often faced with the challenge of determining the best option for a client’s roof. In these cases, we carefully inspect the roof to assess its current state and determine the effectiveness that a repair might have. So in today’s post, we’re looking at when it’s best to repair your roof, when it’s best to replace, and some factors that help us determine the difference.

Minor or isolated damage is typically best addressed by roof repairs

In general, a roof repair is best for situations where any damage or issue is relatively minor. That’s because deeper, more structural roofing issues are tricky to solve without removing the existing roof and replacing it.

Some common issues that are often resolved through a residential roof repair include:

  • Aging materials
  • Damage from high winds
  • Leaks and water damage
  • Hail damage
  • UV and heat damage
  • Poor maintenance
  • Faulty installation

Each of these situations should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, however. For example, faulty installation can be either a minor issue or a major, widespread problem. In the latter case, even an expert roofer likely won’t be able to turn a poorly installed roof into a roof that can be relied on for many years through repairs alone.

More significant or widespread damage may require a replacement

The more severely damaged your roof is, the more likely it will need to be replaced. This is because severe damage tends to go deeper than just the shingles to the underlying structure beneath.

Age is also a major factor in determining whether repairs or a replacement is best for your roof. As roofs age, they become more difficult to repair effectively. While a repair made to a new roof may last for several years, repairing a roof near the end of its lifespan won’t be nearly as effective, and the roof will likely develop issues again sooner rather than later.

Weigh the benefits of repairs vs. a replacement

Typically, a roofer won’t just give you a single option for addressing problems with your roof. More often, they will tell you about what you could expect from a repair or a roof replacement, as well as their recommendation for what may be best for you. In this case, it’s best to consider the benefits of both options before making your decision.

For example, your roofer will likely be able to estimate how long a repair will effectively address the problems your roof is having. If a repair keeps your roof in good health for several years, it may be the best option. However, if it will only last a few months, the cost may not be worth it.

It’s also important to consider the TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership, of your current roof. This is the sum total of all the investments you’ve made in your current roof, from initial installation to maintenance to repairs. If this is still relatively low, a repair will likely be a cost-effective option. If not, your roof is likely near the end of its lifespan, and a roof replacement will often save you money in the long run.

Dolan Can Help You Determine Whether Repairs or a Replacement Is Best for Your Roof!

Dolan Roofing is here to help you make the best decision for your home and your family. As a local, family-owned business, we understand the needs and concerns of people just like us. When we inspect a roof to assess its health and the benefits of repairing and replacing, we do so with complete transparency and honesty in determining the best path forward for your roof.

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