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Tile Roof San Antonio

Tile is among the most versatile and durable roofing materials available on the market.  Tile roofing stands up against nearly all types of storm damage, including hail and high winds that would destroy materials like shingles. 

Tile Roof Installation & Relay

The Dolan Roofing & Construction team is your go-to roofing expert for new tile roof installation, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. We have years of experience working with a wide variety of tile, such as concrete, clay, and stone-coated steel. Our team works with care and precision on both tile roof installation and relay projects to minimize breakages and avoid excess material expenses. Dolan is standing by to give your home the gorgeous tile roof it deserves. Get started on your tile roof replacement today!

Tile Roofing Services

Tile Roof Installation – Expert installation with a materials and labor warranty ensure a beautiful, long lasting tile roof.

Tile Roof Repair – If your tile roof has been damaged due to storms or simply become weathered with age, the Dolan Roofing & Construction team offers prompt and reliable roof repair services to make it like new again.

Tile Roof Relay – Critical for maintaining tile roofing systems, a tile relay involves removing your roofing tiles, replacing the underlayment, flashing, and wood, and re-installing the tiles to renew the life of your roofing system. 

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Benefits of a Tile Roof

Gorgeous and Versatile
Tile roofing is available in a wide variety of materials, including clay for a more traditional or Mediterranean look, concrete for bold colors, or stone-coated steel for supreme durability. Tile roofing also comes in a variety of shapes and styles. This means more options to help give your home a unique look with a durable roof.

Highly Durable
Of course, a roof needs to do more than look the part—it needs to protect your home and family from harsh weather and storm damage. Tile roofing is especially effective against hail, which can destroy more common asphalt shingle roofs, and against high winds, which can tear off lighter roofing materials. This excellent durability also helps give an expected lifespan of at least 50 years—and many tile roofs have lasted for more than a century!

Insulating and Efficient
Many homeowners opt for a tile roof installation for the excellent aesthetic and durability benefits these roofs offer. However, an often overlooked advantage of tile roofing is energy efficiency! Compared to thinner roofing materials such as shingles or wood shakes, tile roofing makes for an excellent insulator. This can help your home retain heat during cool months, but it’s especially helpful for keeping your home cool during the summer. There’s a good reason many homes in warmer climates feature some form of tile roofing—it’s a naturally cooling material that can save you money.

Answers to your Tile Roof questions

Check out these frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still need answers.

What are the benefits of a tile roof?
Tile roofs are highly durable and highly insulating. This means less roof replacements and lower energy costs each month.
Does Dolan offer financing for tile roof installation?

Yes we do! The cost of a tile roof is much higher than a traditional asphalt shingle roof. Rest assured that we work with the best roof financing company with friendly terms and conditions.

How soon can I get my tile roof installed?

We can typically schedule your tile roof install within 2-3 weeks. The variable is the materials and whether or not there is any sort of supply chain issues. 

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Financing as low as

We’re excited to offer payment plans that work for you. Our goal at Dolan Roofing & Construction is to ease financial stress on customers so the important decisions are easy to make when it comes to protecting home and family.

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