Boral TileSeal® HT - The Waterproof Solution for Your Tile Relay San Antonio
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Boral TileSeal® HT – The Waterproof Solution for Your Tile Relay

Give Your Tile Roof the Best Protection on the Market

Tile roofs are built to last for decades (or even up to a century). However, while the durability of roof tiles plays a significant role in the longevity of these roofs, the lifespan of a tile roof ultimately depends on the whole roofing system, and especially the roof underlayment. Underlayment failure is the number one cause of a tile roof not reaching its maximum expected lifespan—so to fully seal your tile roof and protect it against moisture, we have always recommended Boral TileSeal® HT, now Westlake Royal TileSeal™, as our underlayment of choice.

As your leading experts in tile roofing solutions, the Dolan Roofing & Construction team makes it our mission to use only the best products to construct, repair, and restore tile roofs. Westlake Royal (Boral) TileSeal™ is simply the undisputed leader when it comes to tile roof underlayments. TileSeal will fully seal and protect your tile roof against water intrusion, rather than simply resisting moisture. Here’s why we strongly recommend this product for all tile restoration projects!

Why Is Underlayment Important for Tile Roofs?

Using a high-quality roof underlayment is important for any roof, but it’s even more critical when talking about longer lasting materials, such as tile or metal. This is because these roofs have an expected lifespan that is far greater than that of any underlayment, making the underlayment a common failure point that can put the roof’s otherwise long lifespan in jeopardy.

Cheaper underlayments may work as a simple solution for traditional materials such as asphalt shingles, as these roofs will need to be replaced entirely after 10–20 years. However, with a roof expected to last as long as 50 years or more, it’s crucial to avoid structural damage arising from water penetration, as this can cause a premature replacement.

Westlake Royal (Boral) TileSeal™: The Ultimate Tile Seal Solution

All roof underlayments provide some level of moisture protection. This is one primary function of underlayment, after all, as even carefully laid shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials cannot fully prevent water from seeping underneath this outer layer.

What makes TileSeal™ different is that it is not simply water resistant—it’s fully waterproof. This means it can be expected to fully protect the roof from moisture for the duration of its expected lifespan, thus keeping the critical underlying structure of the roof in perfect condition. 

In addition to providing a complete seal to protect your tile roof, Westlake Royal (Boral) TileSeal™ is also highly rated in many other areas. For example, this underlayment provides all season protection against high and low temperatures, is UV resistant for up to 6 months (crucial for avoiding loss due to unexpected delays during a roofing project), and boasts a 30-year limited warranty.

Well Worth the Investment

While the cost to replace the underlayment of a tile roof can vary based on the roof size and other key factors, Westlake Royal TileSeal tends to be slightly more expensive than other underlayment products. However, the benefits it provides typically make up for this difference in price—and then some.

For instance, during a tile roof lift and relay, a roofer will fully inspect your entire roofing system for layers that may need to be repaired or replaced. Oftentimes, lower quality underlayment products will allow water to penetrate and reach the roof decking and other portions of the underlying structure. This can result in rot and other issues that need to be repaired—and sometimes, replacing a roof’s decking can be as much as (or more than) the difference in cost between Boral TileSeal and other underlayments.

Talk to Dolan Roofing’s Experts About Top Tile Seal Options!

At Dolan Roofing, we pride ourselves on providing expert recommendations tailored to the unique San Antonio roofing situations of each and every one of our clients. If your home has a tile roofing system, we’ll work with you to determine whether Westlake Royal (formerly Boral) TileSeal™ makes the most sense for your underlayment replacement. And once you’ve decided on the right underlayment, our team has the skills to complete your tile roof lift and relay to extend the life of your roof for the next 10–20 years! Contact us today to get started.

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