Project Spotlight: Cedar Park Condo Complex San Antonio
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Project Spotlight: Cedar Park Condo Complex

The Dolan team completed a storm damage roof repair in Cedar Park!

Every roofing project presents its own individual challenges and hurdles along the way to completion. Sometimes a roof has a particular, unique design that must be worked around, while other times the building presents a tricky location for delivering supplies. This year, however, supply chain shortages have presented a new situation for roofing companies in the Austin and Cedar Park areas to navigate.

Today’s Project Spotlight focuses on a storm damage roofing project we completed right here in Cedar Park, TX. Our team faced several challenges in working around the schedules of tenants within the building, as well as sourcing supplies amid extreme shortages. But in the end, we were able to restore this roof from severe storm damage! Let’s take a look at this project.

Background and client

Our client for this project had previously called on Dolan Roofing for a storm restoration of her own home’s roof. North Austin experienced a massively destructive hail storm that damaged roofs throughout the area, and the Dolan Roofing team mobilized teams to the area to help rebuild. After proving ourselves through those past residential re-roofs, we had earned her trust for this project.

The project

Our task for this project was another storm restoration, as hail had severely damaged the roof and gutter system of a commercial condo complex that our client owns. Multiple tenants ran businesses within the complex, and the damage to the roof was now threatening their livelihoods, customers, and employees. This meant restoring the roof was an urgent priority!

The challenges

No roofing project is without challenges, and this one was no exception. We faced two major obstacles to completing this project. To start, the layout of the buildings within the complex meant our only access would be from the front of each building. Since these buildings were occupied by tenants operating businesses and seeing customers each day, we needed to take care to minimize disruptions to their operations. This meant scheduling our work carefully around their hours and working efficiently within those windows of time.

Additionally, an extreme shortage of materials has disrupted the entire roofing industry. Replacing commercial roofs has become very difficult, making commercial roof repairs very important in the meantime. Sometimes a replacement is simply necessary, however, as was the case here. This meant the Dolan team had to find a way to source roofing materials from suppliers as quickly as possible to restore this severely damaged roof.

Completing this storm damage roof replacement

With our task laid out for us, the Dolan Roofing team got to work! First, we worked with the tenants in the buildings to carefully coordinate our work schedule and avoid disruptions to their businesses. We scheduled all of our work over two successive weekends to achieve this, including Sunday-only work for the tenants whose buildings were open to the public on Saturdays as well.

To navigate the supply shortages, we sourced our roofing materials from several different Texas markets. We worked closely with suppliers to ensure that all shingles came from the same factory and dye lots to maintain a consistent color across each set of shingles.

In the end, we were able to overcome these challenges and fully replace each roof in the complex! We used the Owens Corning Driftwood shingle system for this project. These shingles bring a combination of beauty and durability necessary for the thriving businesses within the complex. It’s hard to argue with the results!

Dolan Roofing: Your Roofing Partner in Cedar Park, TX

Roofing can be challenging at any time, but that’s part of what can make roofing so enjoyable for us here at Dolan Roofing. One of the most fulfilling parts of our job is planning around the unique difficulties of a project and coming through to complete a reliable, long-lasting roof for our customers.

Whether your roof has been damaged by storms or due to age, the Dolan Roofing & Construction San Antonio team is here to restore it to peak condition! Even amid roofing supply shortages, Dolan is the roofing company that can get it done. Contact us today!

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