How a Coating Can Add Up to 10 Years to Your Commercial Roof San Antonio
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How a Coating Can Add Up to 10 Years to Your Commercial Roof

Extend the Life of Your Roof with a Coating

Even in a down economy, caring for your commercial roof remains critical for the health of your business. The cost of a full roof replacement can be difficult to work into a budget, however, while roof repairs may not be the most effective solutions for certain roofs. In these cases, commercial roof coatings are often an ideal solution that can help commercial roofs last up to 10 years longer without incurring the high upfront costs of a full replacement.

At Dolan Roofing & Construction, our commercial roofing division aims to balance both the roofing and business needs faced by our commercial clients. Effective, long-lasting solutions that don’t break the bank are typically ideal for protecting your business against both storms and stormy economic conditions. Here’s how commercial roof coatings may make sense for your business.

The Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial roof coatings offer several distinct advantages compared to both repairs and a full roof replacement. Here are a few of the biggest.

Longer Term Solution Than a Repair

Timely roof repairs are a key part of a comprehensive maintenance regime for your commercial roof. However, as your roof ages, repairs become less effective. Roof coatings can revitalize your roof beyond a repair, adding up to 10 years to its expected lifespan.

Cost Savings Over a Replacement

A commercial roof replacement may be the largest single expense you ever face as a business owner. While we will never neglect a replacement on a roof that needs it, oftentimes you have more options for maintaining the integrity of your roof. Roof coatings provide a full restoration of your commercial roof at around one-third to one-half the cost of a replacement.

Efficiency and Sustainability

The roof coatings we use from Pro-Tech Products are energy-efficient. Due to their white color, they reflect heat away from your building throughout the hot Texas summer, which can help save money on energy expenditures. In addition, the “cool” source they produce can help your business do its part in combatting the urban heat island effect.

Minimal Disruptions

Commercial roof coatings are quick to install and require minimal disruptions to your business. Rather than a full tear-off that may require you to close your business for multiple days, we’ll simply need to clean and prepare the surface of your existing roof before installation.

Commercial Roof Coatings: Only for the Right Roof!

Even with all these excellent benefits, commercial roof coatings aren’t without drawbacks. Roof coatings sometimes get a bad rap in the commercial roofing industry. However, major issues primarily occur due to overzealous application of roof coatings on buildings where a coating doesn’t make sense. 

Roof coatings tend to be a more effective solution for buildings whose roofs are structurally in good condition. They also work much better in warmer, dryer climates as this drastically reduces the likelihood of moisture being trapped underneath the coating, which can lead to rot. And of course, the effectiveness of a roof coating will also depend on the quality of both the material and the roofer you choose for the job.

Dolan Roofing & Pro-Tech: The Right Roofer and the Right Product

Dolan Roofing has spent more than a decade in the roofing industry, in San Antonio, building a reputation for quality roofing work and excellent customer service. We’re committed to providing roof coating and other commercial services that will last for years and ensure the structural integrity of your commercial roof and building.

A successful roof restoration and coating project starts with high-quality materials, and Pro-Tech has paced the field for years when it comes to producing top-quality roof coating products. Their roofing systems can handle tough Texas weather at a fair price. If you’re looking to extend the life of your commercial roof, contact Dolan Roofing today to ask about our roof coating services!

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