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Commercial Roof Inspections: Do Your Research Before You Buy

Learn why a roof inspection is a vital part of the buying process

Commercial roof inspections are a vital part of ongoing maintenance for your roofing system. Inspections enable property owners to complete proactive commercial roof repairs that are vital to maximizing the lifespan of your roof, especially amid ongoing supply chain shortages. 

In addition to ongoing maintenance, however, commercial roof inspections should also be seen as a key step in the buying process for those looking to purchase or invest in commercial real estate. A roof is a major expense, and knowing the status of a commercial building’s roof is vital to understanding how wise an investment the property truly is.

Here at Dolan Roofing & Construction, we specialize in providing honest, thorough, and reliable commercial roof inspections to our customers. In addition to our free storm damage inspections, we also offer a paid service to potential buyers looking to purchase commercial buildings. These inspections can provide a wealth of information to help potential buyers better understand the property they’re interested in. Here’s how these inspections can help you make a smarter business investment!

What goes into a roof inspection?

A professional roof inspection needs to identify not just current issues with a roof but potential problems as well. At Dolan Roofing, all of our inspections—both residential and commercial—are extremely thorough. That’s because, for us, inspecting a roof isn’t about making a sales pitch. It’s about providing an honest assessment on the health of a roof.

The best roof inspections examine a roof top to bottom, inside and out. We fully examine the roof’s surface, checking for any damage or trouble spots. We also inspect the construction of the roof, and determine if it’s been built properly—that is, the way we would build it. All of this information is then relayed to our customers.

How we add value through our commercial roof inspections

Any roof inspection, fundamentally, is about gaining more knowledge about the roof in question. With our commercial roof inspections, we take the information gained throughout the inspection and put it in context for potential buyers of commercial properties.

Throughout the inspection, we’ll take detailed notes on the state of the roof. We’ll identify any current damages and also assess the roof’s potential for problems over the next several years. During this process, we take hundreds of photos, along with complete descriptions of every image to explain and contextualize what we’ve learned about the roof to our client. 

With all of this information, we can forecast the cost of repairs over the remaining life of the roof, along with the cost of a commercial roof replacement when the time comes. These insights into the cost of maintaining the roof helps potential buyers fully understand the ongoing expenses of any commercial building.

Avoid poor investments by researching before you buy

If the roof over your chosen commercial property is in poor shape, it’s a major expense waiting to happen. Calling on the San Antonio Dolan team to fully assess the current health of a commercial roof before you buy will provide valuable information that enables you to better assess the true cost of investing in that property. This helps potential buyers make wise investments and avoid major, unexpected business investments such as a premature roof replacement.

Ask About Our Commercial Roof Inspections—Before You Buy!

It’s often said that knowledge is power. In the case of commercial real estate, however, knowledge is also money saved. Purchasing a commercial building is a major investment—and one of the largest costs of starting or expanding a business. That means it’s vital to know the property you’re investing in is built to last.

At Dolan Roofing, our commercial roof inspection services help empower prospective business owners and real estate investors to make wise investments when it comes to purchasing a commercial property. Our seasoned roofing professionals in San Antonio will provide all of the information you need before deciding whether to make your purchase. Contact us today to learn more about our inspections and other commercial roofing services!

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