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Commercial Real Estate “Due Diligence” Inspections

A “due diligence” roof inspection could be the wisest commercial real estate decision you make!

When it comes to commercial real estate, knowing the state of a building’s roofing system is critical. A healthy commercial roofing system is the first line of defense against the worst San Antonio storms—and it also often makes the biggest difference between a wise real estate investment and a risky gamble.

Here at Dolan Roofing & Construction, we offer thorough “due diligence” roofing inspections specifically tailored to the needs of the San Antonio commercial real estate industry. Our expert inspections give property managers and real estate investors a full picture of the health of their roof so that both buyers and sellers can understand exactly how to value a commercial property. 

Who are these commercial roof inspections meant for?

A commercial roof inspection is a vital part of any effective roof maintenance regimen. However, our “due diligence” or commercial roof valuation inspections are specifically geared toward the needs of property management companies, real estate agents, and other decision-makers. 

For example, real estate agents will often seek commercial roof inspections during the buying or selling process to establish a roofing system’s life expectancy and document the roof’s current condition. This inspection provides an overall view of the roof, with life expectancy, and documents the condition with monetary estimates of repairs to aid in property valuation and understanding the weathertightness of the roof.

How does the inspection process work?

Starting from the inside

Our commercial roof inspections begin with a conversation with the people who know the history of the building, particularly the details about the roof’s history. Then we begin with an inspection of the interior of the property. 

During this interior inspection, we look for any signs of moisture intrusion, checking windows, walls, doors, AC units, and any other openings. We also inspect the attic space and photo document all sources of potential moisture intrusion over the life of the building.

Walking the perimeter

Next, we inspect the building’s perimeter. We check gutters, drains, and downspouts and note any potential drainage issues. We also look for any potential hazards, such as overhanging trees or structures that could present a risk to the structural integrity of the roof. We also assess the safety of the roof, including roof access, emergency access and exits, and any security concerns. 

Heading to the roof

On the roof itself, drainage is the top priority for all inspections. Particularly for flat and low-slope roofs common to commercial roofing systems in San Antonio, water is typically the biggest risk factor. We’ll determine how the roof sheds water, and thoroughly inspect the water collection and removal system to ensure water can leave the roof as designed.

Then we take a careful look at each part of the roof itself. The roof’s edge is an especially important part of the inspection, as this is where years of water runoff and UV exposure can slowly break down roofing components, particularly sealant. For the roof’s surface, we note the type of membrane and its life expectancy, then assess the overall condition, including seams, penetrations, skylights, roof hatches, obstructions, and much more.

Reporting our findings

This probably sounds like a lot, and it is! We haven’t even covered every single part of the roof that receives attention during our commercial roof inspections. But every inspection item is fully documented and photographed with detailed images and descriptions so that our customers understand the exact health of their roof.

Why schedule a commercial “due diligence” roof inspection?

The main benefit of commercial roof inspections for real estate investment is to establish the condition and value of the most important asset on the property: the roof. Commercial roofs are expensive, and having a full understanding of the condition of the roof before buying or selling a commercial property ensures the best decisions are made. 

In particular, it’s crucial to know the watertightness of the entire structure when purchasing a property. Water in walls and roof decks will eat away at a building’s structural integrity, leading to high repair costs. Leaks can often go undetected for many years, turning simple repairs into costly reclamation projects due to poor maintenance and a lack of knowledge about the health of the property.

Dolan Roofing: Your Partner for Commercial Roofing Inspections in San Antonio

Purchasing a commercial property is a major investment, and making a purchase without assessing the building’s health is a dangerous gamble. At Dolan Roofing & Construction, our San Antonio commercial roofing experts are standing by to provide a complete, thorough assessment of a commercial roof’s health before you buy or sell the property. This ensures that both buyers and sellers can make fully informed decisions before any purchase is completed.

To learn more about our commercial real estate roofing inspections, contact us today!

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