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Cost Benefit Analysis: Types of Metal Roofs

There Are Many Types of Metal Roofs Available, Each with Their Own Benefits

If you’re considering metal roofing for your home, you may be overwhelmed by the various types of metal roofs in use today. Metal roofing has come a long way from the days when it was exclusively used for industrial and commercial buildings. Now, there are many styles and types of metal roofs available for residential buildings, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages—as well as unique looks for your home.

Our team at Dolan Roofing & Construction has years of experience installing metal roofing systems on various types of buildings. We feel every metal roof type has its place, but it can be difficult to distinguish the advantages of each and weigh these benefits against the cost of installation. Here’s what you should know about the types of metal roofing available to you.

Standing Seam Roofs

Standing seam metal roofing is typically seen as the gold standard, whether the roof is covering a home or a commercial structure. For homeowners, though, the cost of standing seam may be prohibitive.

There are many advantages to installing a standing seam system on your home. In general, standing seam roofs are supreme in quality, require less ongoing maintenance, and have no exposed fasteners that must be monitored and maintained. 

Standing seam also provides a beautiful look for your home, giving a seamless, modern farmhouse look with little to no maintenance. 

R-Panel Roofs

For a more cost-efficient metal roof, many homeowners opt for R-panel. These roofs carry a significantly lower upfront cost but have higher maintenance demands over the life of the roof.

One major difference between standing seam and R-panel roofs is that an R-panel system has exposed fasteners. These fasteners may or may not be visible, depending on the pitch of the roof and the skill and craftsmanship of the roofer. These fasteners can loosen over time, which is one of the primary maintenance demands—neglecting to tighten fasteners can result in leaks over time.

Overall, R-panel makes an ideal option for those who want the metal look but can’t stomach the upfront cost of standing seam.

Metal Tile Roofs

While not as popular as the above types of metal roofs, metal tile can be a strong option in certain situations. Metal tile roofs provide the look of a traditional clay or concrete tile roof, with the primary material being metal instead. 

In some cases, these roofs can be a way to save money for those switching from a traditional asphalt shingle roof to a tile roof. Traditional roof tiles are extremely heavy, and switching from shingles to tile typically requires an engineer to assess the load bearing capacity of your roof. In many cases, you’ll need to reinforce your roof before installing tile.

However, metal tiles are significantly lighter and less likely to require reinforcement before installing. This means a metal tile roof can achieve the visual appeal of tile while carrying a much lower installation cost than clay or concrete.

Corrugated Metal

Lastly, corrugated metal roofs are still commonly seen on roofs, but rarely on homes. Corrugated roofs are the most cost-effective option for smaller buildings or sections of your home, such as a covered patio or a shed. Corrugated metal can provide a more rustic look while providing ample shelter. 

Corrugated metal is the least expensive out of all types of metal roofs, but we generally don’t recommend this material for a full residential roof.

Dolan Roofing: Experts in All Types of Metal Roofs

If you’re interested in installing a metal roof on your home, Dolan Roofing is the company to call. Our skilled contractors in San Antonio have worked with metal roofs of all types, from standing seam and R-panel to metal tile roofing. We’ll work closely with you to choose the metal roofing option that makes the most sense for your budget and that achieves the look you want for your home. 

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