Cost to Replace Tile Roof Underlayment San Antonio
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Cost to Replace Tile Roof Underlayment

Underlayment Is Key to a Healthy Tile Roof

Typically, when a tile roof is compromised, the culprit is the decking or underlayment that lies beneath the roof tiles. When this happens, it’s critical to replace the underlayment as soon as possible to avoid deeper structural damage. The cost to replace the underlayment of a tile roof is much less than a new roof—but how much can you expect to pay, exactly? 

As your local tile roofing experts, Dolan Roofing & Construction is sharing a bit more about the cost to replace the underlayment of a tile roof. We’re reviewing the average price per square foot, as well as the different factors that may increase or reduce that rate. Let’s jump right in!

What Is the Average Cost to Replace Tile Roof Underlayment?

In our region, we typically see an average cost of around $4.20 to $4.75 per square foot to replace the underlayment of a tile roof. Per square, that price comes to $420–$475. 

This rate includes both the cost of the materials needed to replace the existing underlayment, as well as the labor involved in the entire replacement process, which includes removing the roof tiles, tearing off the old underlayment, installing the new underlayment, and reinstalling the roof tiles.

What Factors Affect the Final Cost?

As with any roofing project, the cost depends on several factors, each of which can have a major impact on the final price of the project. When replacing the underlayment of a tile roof, here are some of the most important factors that affect the cost.

Size of the Roof

A larger roof means more materials will be needed to fully cover the roofing system. It also increases labor costs, as larger roofs simply take longer to replace the underlayment. Roofs can be larger both due to the overall footprint of the home and the number of stories. 

Type of Tiles Used

There are many types of roofing tiles commonly installed on homes, including concrete tiles, barrel tiles, 2 piece tile systems, and many more. Each style varies in the method of installation. Some are easier to work with than others, and this can affect the time it takes to remove and relay the roofing tiles. 

In addition, some breakage is inevitable, and the material cost to replace broken tiles will vary depending on the type of tile needed.

Type of Underlayment

Just like with the roof tiles, there are also several types of underlayment commonly used for tile roofs. Some are more durable, longer lasting, and more water resistant than others—but these types of underlayment will also cost slightly more. 

What Questions Should I Ask a Roofer Before the Project?

To ensure your new underlayment will improve the health of your tile roof as much as possible, it’s important to ask a few qualifying questions of any roofer you consider for the project. Key questions to ask include:

  • How much experience do you have with tile roofs? – While any project involving a tile removal and relay will incur some breakage, roofers with more tile roofing experience will be able to keep breakage to a minimum and maintain the aesthetic of your roof.
  • Will you be replacing the whole underlayment? – Some roofers may try to get away with replacing only certain portions of the tile roof underlayment to reduce costs. This is rarely a good idea, so it’s important to make sure your roofer will replace the entire underlayment.
  • What kind of underlayment will you use? – Tile roof underlayment is not all the same, and the cheapest option is rarely the best. For example, Boral TileSeal™ (now Westlake Royal TileSeal™) is the best tile underlayment on the market, and while it typically costs 15–20% more, it significantly improves the longevity of tile roofs by virtue of being fully waterproof (not just water resistant). 

Work with the Tile Roof Experts: Dolan Roofing!

For years, Dolan Roofing San Antonio has been the leading expert in all things tile roofing, including tile roof installation, repairs, and ongoing maintenance. Replacing the underlayment of a tile roof is a critical service that will extend the life of a tile roof at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. 

Our skilled roofing pros are experts when it comes to projects involving a tile roof lift and relay. We keep breakages to a minimum, and we always carefully install replacement tiles in out-of-sight areas to maintain the curb appeal of your gorgeous tile roof. 

If your tile roof has begun to show signs of water penetration, it’s critical to replace the underlayment as soon as possible. Contact Dolan Roofing today to schedule an inspection!

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