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Does Insurance Cover Roof Damage?

The roofing experts at Dolan Roofing talk about what you can expect from your insurance

Roof damage is cause for concern for any homeowner. Not only are you worried about keeping your family safe and dry, but there’s also the matter of finding a reliable roofing company—and of course, paying for a new roof. At Dolan Roofing, we’ve found that financing a roof replacement often leads to questions from homeowners, including “Does insurance cover roof damage?”

After getting this question quite a few times from our customers, we thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at the topic. So in today’s post, we’re taking a look at whether you can expect roof damage to be covered by insurance—and why the answer to that question can sometimes be complicated. Let’s start with that first question!

So, does insurance cover roof damage?

Often, yes! There are many cases in which your homeowners insurance will cover roof damage. This is almost universally true of storm damage or any other issues that result from an act of nature or accidental event. While even this can depend on the type of insurance policy you have, most all-perils homeowners insurance policies will cover this type of damage to your home (not just to your roof). 

Why might insurance not cover roof damage?

While there are many instances where damage to your roof will be covered by insurance, there are definitely some notable exceptions. In our experience in the roofing industry, there are two main causes of roof damage that we typically see not be covered by insurance: age and neglect.


Older roofs are more prone to damage. As a result, many insurance companies won’t cover roof damage after your roof reaches a certain age. This may come in the form of reduced coverage over time or a hard cutoff of coverage at a specific number of years—20 years, for example.


Sometimes, roof damage occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. However, other times roof damage occurs as a result of poor maintenance and general neglect. Failing to repair minor damage often leads to more significant damage over time. If your insurance company determines that damage to your roof is the result of neglect, they’re less likely to cover a repair or roof replacement.

Be proactive with your roof!

The best way to maximize the likelihood of your insurance covering any roof damage is to be proactive when it comes to your roof. There are a few great things you can do in this regard. First off, talk to your insurance provider and review what types of things are covered! If your insurance coverage will be drastically reduced after your roof reaches a certain age, that’s important to know.

Also, take good care of your roof throughout its lifespan. This includes performing routine maintenance, such as cleaning and regular inspections. If a roof inspection reveals minor damage to your roof, act quickly to have the damage repaired. Not only will this keep your roof healthier in the long term, but it improves your odds of being covered by insurance if your roof becomes damaged during a storm later on.

Dolan Roofing Can Help You Navigate the Insurance Process!

Here at Dolan Roofing, we’ve streamlined the entire process of repairing or replacing your roof. Our experts are prepared to work alongside you to help you provide all the information your insurance provider will need. Our process includes multiple inspections, including a walkthrough with your insurance adjuster where we will help to point out the full extent of damage to your roof.* If it turns out you won’t be fully covered, we also offer several roof financing options to make sure you get a payment plan that works for you.

If your roof has been damaged by recent storms, it’s important to act quickly to have the damage repaired. The Dolan Roofing team is standing by to help! Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

* NOTE: DRC and its authorized representatives are NOT acting as Public Insurance Adjusters and will not negotiate with insurance on Customer’s behalf.

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