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How Much Does a New Roof Add to My Home Value?

Looking to Sell Your Home? A New Roof Can Help!

Homeowners looking to sell should always look for ways to increase the value of their home in the eyes of potential buyers. In the current buyers’ market, there’s much more opportunity to get a higher asking price for your home. Home improvement projects are an excellent avenue for increasing the final sale price of your home. But exactly how much does a new roof add to home value, at the end of the day? 

The Dolan Roofing & Construction team is breaking down the added value of a new roof—from increasing the sale price of your home to expediting the closing process and more.

How Much Does a New Roof Add to Home Value?

How much value you can add to your home by installing a new roof depends on a number of factors, most notably the type of material used to build your roof. On average, a brand-new asphalt roof can increase your home’s value by around $20,000. A Remodeling cost vs. value analysis put the average at just over $18,000, while we’ve seen up to $22,000 in additional value reported.

A new metal roof can add more value to your home, albeit at a higher cost. Typically, the added value from a new metal roof is around $30,000.

Additional Benefits for Sellers

When it comes to selling your home, value comes down to a lot more than the final home price in dollars. A drawn out sales process can not only cost money, but also mental energy as you and your family are left wondering when you’ll be able to move. Here are a few additional ways a new roof can benefit you in the home sale process.

Get More Offers

When buyers know the roof of a home is new, it improves the odds of them liking your home and putting in an offer. No new homebuyer wants the headache of replacing their roof just a few years after moving in. While they could just make a lower offer, it also makes them less likely to make an offer at all—so replacing your roof can help get more offers on your home.

Sell Your Home Faster

The more offers you receive—and the better they are—the more likely you are to sell your home quickly. Adding a new roof to your home improves the odds of getting offers near your asking price, and having more offers means at least one is more likely to result in a home sale. This helps make your moving process more predictable and will get you settled into a new home more quickly.

Add Value for Yourself and Your Family!

Of course, the value of replacing your roof isn’t just about boosting the sticker price of your home. A roof replacement provides a host of benefits even if you don’t plan to sell in the next few years. 

For example, a newer roof is easier to repair than an older one. This means that once your roof is replaced, you’ll likely save money on future repairs compared to damage done to your current, older roof.

New roofs are also more reliable and provide greater protection for your home. With an older roof, major storms might cause leaks that result in other parts of your home becoming damaged. This means your storm damage repair will extend beyond your roof and be more expensive. With greater protection against storms, a new roof will provide value in the form of long-term savings for your family—as well as security and greater peace of mind.

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