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Introducing the Dolan Solar Division

The Best in Roofing Meets the Best in Solar!

Here at Dolan Roofing & Construction, we’re always focused on helping our customers get the most from their roofing systems. For years, that’s meant providing the best in roof repair, replacement, maintenance, and inspection services. Now we’ve added yet another way for our customers to get more from their roof: through our new solar division, through which we’re dedicated to connecting our San Antonio and Tucson customers with the best solar installers for their home.

Our solar division is a partnership between Dolan and some of the top solar manufacturers and installers serving San Antonio. By combining our roofing expertise with their solar aptitude, we’re able to provide our customers with long-lasting and cost-effective solar energy solutions. 

San Antonio Roofing & Solar Installers: An Ideal Partnership

Why form a partnership between our company and leading solar installers in San Antonio? It’s simple: the success, efficiency, and value of a roof-mounted solar system depends on the quality of the roof supporting it.

Here at Dolan Roofing, we’re uniquely equipped to help homeowners get even more from a newly installed solar panel array. Our roofing expertise means we understand exactly what it means for a roof to be solar-ready—or not. We provide expert inspection and roofing services that will ensure your roof will remain in excellent condition throughout the life of your solar array. In addition, since solar installation requires mounting equipment to your roof, we’ll also provide a post-installation inspection to ensure your roof wasn’t compromised—and make any necessary repairs immediately if it was.

A roofing and solar company partnership is truly a match made in heaven, as you’ll get the best solar installers coordinating with roofing experts to ensure the longevity of everything over your head.

The Best Solar Warranty in the Business

To make our partnership truly ideal for our customers, the Dolan Roofing team knew we needed to identify the absolute best solar installers operating within our service areas in San Antonio and Tucson. We vet each company we work with, ensuring they match our standards for quality.

In addition, our partnered solar installers provide solar arrays backed by the most powerful solar warranty available: the 30-year warranty provided by SolarInsure. Through this warranty, we can stand with confidence behind each and every solar array our partners install—and thanks to our inspections before and after, you have the piece of mind knowing that your roof is in perfect condition, too!

Why Now? Solar Has Never Been More Incentivized

In providing our customers with the best value from their roofs, solar became an increasingly clear avenue that we needed to offer. Solar panels provide excellent energy savings at a time where electricity costs continue to soar. What’s more, solar arrays have never been more incentivized here in the United States, drastically reducing the price of installation.

Solar rebates abound! Rather than declining as originally planned, the Federal Solar Tax Credit increased from 26% to 30% of the cost to purchase and install a new roof-mounted solar array. Local utility rebates are available in many municipalities—as solar installers in San Antonio know well—and tax exemptions provide further incentive.

Between the immediate energy savings and robust rebates, there’s never been a better time for homeowners to go solar.

See What the Dolan Solar Division Can Do for You!

With deep roots in the roofing and construction industry, Dolan Roofing has always been about helping homeowners make their homes the best they can be. Now we’ve brought our commitment to quality, supreme customer service, and family values to the solar industry through our new solar division. 

You already know the many reasons to trust Dolan for all your roofing and construction needs. Now you can trust Dolan as your San Antonio and Tucson solar installers. Contact us today to learn more about solar roofing with Dolan!

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