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Lift and Relay Tile Roof Cost

A Tile Roof Must Be Maintained to Last a Lifetime!

Tile is one of the most durable and reliable roofing materials available on the market—there’s a good reason it’s been in use for thousands of years, after all! To get the most from a tile roof, however, it’s important to maintain it properly. One of the most important aspects of tile roof maintenance is a tile roof relay to ensure the roof retains its water resistance for years to come. So what is the typical cost to lift and relay a tile roof? The answer depends on a few factors!

Dolan Roofing & Construction is your go-to tile roofing expert, with expertise in tile roof installation, repairs, and relay services. We have firsthand experience providing inspections and quotes for the cost of a tile roof lift and relay. Here’s what you can expect from this important service!

What Does a Tile Relay Entail?

Relaying a tile roof is a means of renewing the roof’s waterproof properties to prevent moisture intrusion. While the tiles used for the roof’s surface will last for several decades (and even hundreds of years!), the underlayment needs to be replaced from time to time.

During a tile roof lift and relay, the roof tiles are removed to grant access to the underlayment beneath. The roofer will then replace the old underlayment, potentially along with the roof’s flashing, before carefully re-installing the roof tiles.

How Much Does a Tile Roof Lift and Relay Cost?

In Tucson roofing, the typical range we see for a tile roof lift and relay is around $400–$475 to complete the project. This range is impacted by several factors that we’ll touch on below, including the type of materials and the complexity of the roof.

However, it’s also important to note that the cost varies greatly depending on your region. The price in Tucson is generally quite reasonable, but in Texas that upfront cost can increase by quite a bit. Your roofing partner can help give you an idea of what to expect, however.

Key Cost Factors to Consider

As with any roofing project, the cost of a tile roof lift and relay depends on several key factors. This includes the scope of the project, the type of underlayment used, and potential breakage.

Type of Underlayment

The type of underlayment used for your roof is perhaps the biggest cost factor for this service. Regular 40# tar paper felt is more commonly used and inexpensive, but a product like Boral TileSeal will provide a more effective barrier at a higher price point.

Size of the Roof

While a tile roof lift and relay won’t involve purchasing (many) new roofing tiles, the size of your roof will still impact the cost. This is because a larger, more complex roof will simply take more labor hours to relay. 

Does the Flashing Need to Be Replaced?

As part of a tile roof relay, roof flashing may also need to be replaced. This isn’t always the case—sometimes replacing the underlayment will be enough to maintain the roof. However, if the roof flashing is not in good condition, it can’t be reused and new flashing will need to be purchased and installed.

Another Key Factor: The Skill of Your Roofer

While a tile roof relay is a straightforward procedure, it takes a great deal of care and skill to complete this service while minimizing the cost. This is because of tile breakage. While it’s pretty much inevitable that some tiles will be broken during the lift and relay process, careless or less experienced roofers will break far more tiles. This will increase the cost of your relay and take away from the aesthetic appeal of your roof (as replacement tiles will likely have a slightly different color). A more skilled and experienced roofer, on the other hand, will be able to avoid excess breakages and keep your tile roof looking beautiful.

Dolan Roofing: Your Tile Roofing Expert!

Here at Dolan Roofing, we take extra care in making sure the tile roofs we maintain and repair will continue looking beautiful for decades to come. Our team of experienced professionals can complete your tile roof relay with minimal breakage, keeping the cost of the project down while maintaining the beautiful aesthetic of your roof.

Don’t put off scheduling your tile roof relay. This critical service will ensure your tile roof lasts not just for years or decades, but for generations to come. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and get an estimate for your roof!

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