The Tile Roof Lift and Relay Process San Antonio
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The Tile Roof Lift and Relay Process

Here’s What It Takes to Lift and Relay a Tile Roof

A properly timed lift and relay is crucial to maintaining a tile roof. With proper maintenance, tile roofs can last as long as 50–100 years or more—and because longevity is such a key benefit of these roofs, that makes maintenance all the more important!

Because this service plays such a key role in ensuring a long-lasting roof, it’s important to work with a roofer that has a great deal of experience completing tile roof lift and relay projects. At Dolan Roofing & Construction, we’ve maintained many tile roofing systems over the years, helping homeowners make their roof last for decades. We have the tile roof lift and relay process down to a careful system that restores the health of your tile roof while minimizing unnecessary costs and waste.

What Is the Process for a Tile Roof Lift and Relay? 

Our team of experienced and professional roofers follows a meticulous step-by-step process to relay tile roofs. Our process ensures maximum quality and minimal breakage while preserving the beautiful aesthetic appeal of your tile roof.

Remove Tile

Once a tile roof lift and relay is scheduled, we start by removing all tile from the roof. It’s important to complete this stage carefully in order to minimize tile breakage. Tile breakage will incur additional costs for this service and can also make it more difficult to maintain the aesthetic of your roof.

Remove Wood Battens and Felt

Not all tile roofs are attached using wood battens. If the roof is, however, we will remove this portion of the roof to replace it later. We will also pull off all roof felt and dispose of it. Failure of the roof felt is typically the most common problem with tile roofs that have not been maintained. Replacing this portion will help to ensure a waterproof roof for many years to come.

Inspect and Replace Decking and Flashings

If a tile roof was poorly maintained, it’s likely that moisture penetrated through the underlying roof felt and reached the decking beneath. If this has happened, it’s necessary to replace affected areas of the decking as well. However, the good news is that it’s possible to complete a lift and relay on a tile roof without removing decking, provided the roof has been regularly inspected and maintained. Flashings are also part of our inspection process during a tile relay, and any rusted or deteriorated flashing will be replaced.

Install New Roof Felt

When a tile roof fails or begins to leak, the culprit is typically deteriorated roof felt. When we complete a tile relay, we replace roof felt with either a water-resistant synthetic felt or a waterproof high temp underlayment, which will keep the roof protected against water intrusion for much longer. 

Replacing felt with a more water-resistant product is key, as most roof felt is not fully waterproof and water naturally sheds beneath the outer tiles of a roof.

Replace Battens and Roof Tiles

Any deteriorated battens will now be replaced, and then it’s time to relay the roof tiles! The previously removed tiles will be reinstalled over your newly restored roofing system, maintaining the original look and character of your tile roof. Following this, we’ll complete a final inspection to remove any waste and ensure the roof looks perfect. Once the entire process is complete, your tile roof will be restored for many years to come!

Why Hire an Experienced Roofer for a Tile Relay?

The tile removal and relay process is what makes hiring a roofer experienced in tile roof installation and repair so important. Tiles broken during the relaying process will need to be replaced with newly purchased tiles. Careless roofers will incur greater material costs as a result of more broken tiles, and with too many broken tiles it will be difficult to maintain the aesthetic of your tile roof! On the other hand, experienced roofers are able to work efficiently and carefully to minimize breakages and keep your tile roof looking beautiful.

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At Dolan Roofing San Antonio, our team is highly experienced in installing, repairing, and restoring tile roofs to perfect condition. We’ve completed numerous tile roof relays over the years, helping make sure homeowners can get the most from these beautiful, long-lasting roofing systems. If your tile roof is leaking or otherwise not performing like it once did, it may be time for a lift and relay. Contact Dolan Roofing for an estimate!

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