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Your Metal Roof Finance Options Explained

Upgrading Your Roof to Metal? Here Are Some Financial Options peak of a metal roof paid for using finance options

For homeowners looking to replace their roof without full coverage from insurance, roof financing can be a strong option. At Dolan Roofing & Construction, we’ve found financing to be an especially viable option for homeowners looking to upgrade their roof, rather than simply replacing the roof with the same material.

Metal is a common material homeowners use to upgrade their roof, as it boasts a longer lifespan and greater durability than just about any other roofing material. If you’re hoping to install a metal roof on your home, there are finance options that can help make your home upgrade a reality. Let’s take a look at why some homeowners are exploring roof finance options for their metal roof upgrades.

How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost?

Metal roofing ranks among the more expensive roofing materials on the market. We typically see metal roofs cost around $8–$12 per square foot, compared to $4–$5 for asphalt shingles. 

This difference in price comes down to both the cost of the materials themselves and the labor involved in the installation process. Asphalt shingles are more straightforward to install, while a metal roof takes more care and expertise to install correctly.

In addition, the cost and installation timeline can also be impacted by the supplier and manufacturer. At Dolan Roofing San Antonio, we work with Metal Mart for all of our metal roofing needs. Their team skillfully cuts and preforms all metal roofing products, saving time and avoiding disruption during metal roof installation projects. 

Why Finance a Metal Roof?

Insurance can often cover the cost of a roof replacement in cases where the roof is damaged by storms or has deteriorated with time. However, insurance will only cover like for like, or similar—in other words, if your home has an asphalt shingle roof, insurance will likely only pay for the cost of a new asphalt shingle roof or a comparably priced material.

This means that homeowners looking to upgrade their roof to a more durable, long-lasting material like metal will need to explore other options, such as roof finance plans, to cover the cost. Roof financing is often a good way to cover the cost of a new roof for those who (understandably) don’t have money set aside for a brand new roof already. 

What Metal Roof Finance Options Are Available?

Roof financing options vary greatly. Some financing plans are offered through third-party services, but many roofing companies vet and choose financing companies to partner with in order to give their customers more immediate options.

At Dolan Roofing San Antonio, we’re partnered with Sunlight Financial, one of the nation’s leaders in home improvement financing. Whether it’s an upgrade to metal, tile, or any other material, their roof finance options offer many unique benefits, including flexible payments and a wide range of financing amounts.* 

Reasons to Upgrade Your Roof to Metal

Metal roofing won’t make sense for every homeowner. However, metal roofing has steadily grown in popularity over the last few years, as there are several strong reasons to upgrade your roof to metal.

Incredible Durability and Lifespan

The top reason to upgrade to a metal roof is due to the durability and lifespan this material provides. Metal roofing beats out almost every other roofing material when it comes to standing up against severe weather. Hail, wind, and UV exposure will have virtually no effect on most metal roofing systems, and a newly installed metal roof bears an expected lifespan of around 50 years—or longer, with proper maintenance.

Do Metal Roofs Increase Home Value?

A metal roof can increase your home’s market value by as much as 6% compared to traditional asphalt roofing options. In addition, metal roofs provide incredible long-term value for your home. If you own the home throughout the lifespan of your metal roof, the cost savings from less frequent repairs and roof replacements will add up over time. 

Talk to Dolan About Your Metal Roof Finance Options Today!

Roof financing isn’t the only option out there, but it can be an effective method of spreading out the upfront cost of a metal roof upgrade over a longer period of time. If you’re looking to replace your asphalt roof with a more durable material like metal, Dolan Roofing San Antonio will work with you to help choose the right material, find the right look for your home, and explore your payment options. Contact us today to get started!

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