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Project Spotlight: Multi-Family Roof Replacement

The Dolan Team Went the Distance for This Roof Replacement aerial shot following a completed multi-family roof replacement

A multi-family roof replacement is a project that requires great care, superior attention to detail, and often presents different challenges compared to other roofing projects. These unique demands require a particularly skilled and experienced roofer to ensure the project is completed on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to the many residents of these larger buildings.

Here at Dolan Roofing & Construction, multi-family roof replacement and repair services are a key part of our service offerings, and our team is able to complete these projects expertly each and every time. In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re focusing on a multi-family roof replacement our team completed in Belton, TX, well north of San Antonio. Covering the distance for this project while staying within our expected timeline was tricky, but our team came through in the end. Take a look!

Background & Location

For this project, our team traveled out to a property near Belton, TX, located about 150 miles from San Antonio, and 60 miles north of Austin. The roof we worked on covered a very large multifamily complex. The area of the roof totaled 1,038 squares, significantly larger than a typical residential roof.

The Project: Full Multi-Family Roof Replacement

Our team was tasked with replacing this entire roofing system, a significant undertaking. Given the scale of the project and the unique needs of this multifamily complex, we needed to think carefully about the materials that would be used. 

We frequently recommend Owens Corning products for roofing projects we complete, as their materials lead the industry in quality and reliability. And as Owens Corning Preferred Contractors, we’re able to provide better quality installation and more powerful warranty protection on the roofs we install. We chose Owens Corning Oakridge for this roofing system, along with their RhinoRoof U20 synthetic roofing underlayment.

The Challenges: Long Haul Logistics

The primary challenge for this project was managing the long distance and travel times for both our employees and for hauling materials to and from the job site. Due to the long-distance journey ahead of us, we would need to check and double-check that nothing was left behind each day. In addition, transportation costs for long-distance projects can add up quickly, so we needed to take care to minimize these costs to our client.

In addition, as this was a residential complex, we wanted to minimize disruptions to the residents inside. This is always a consideration for our team on residential projects, as our hope is to make our clients as comfortable as possible. It can be even more difficult with multifamily projects, however, so we took extra care in this regard.

Finally, unloading and hauling the large amount of roofing materials up onto the roof was also a challenge. We wanted to make this portion of the project as efficient as possible to avoid wasting valuable time while on the jobsite.

Rhino Roof underlayment during a multi-family roof replacement

The Result: A New Multi-Family Roofing System 

In the end, our team was able to meet the demands of this multi-family roof replacement and deliver a beautiful new roofing system while keeping to our timeline and budget. Production Manager Charles Price oversaw this project, working with the team to carefully plan our schedule. The aim was to make the most of our time on the job site and to work around times when residents would be most likely to be away from home. This helped us overcome the logistical challenges and minimize disruptions throughout the project.

To get materials onto the roof, we built a semi-enclosed platform that could then be lifted to the roof, streamlining the process of both loading new materials and removing debris from the roof surface. To haul materials around on the ground, Mike Dirksen was our forklift driver extraordinaire!

The end results speak for themselves: this new multi-family roof is beautiful, functional, and will keep these residences safe from the elements for many years to come.

Dolan Roofing: Multi-Family Roof Replacement Experts

If you’re looking for a multi-family roofing expert, look no further than Dolan Roofing! We have many years of experience and roofing skills to handle these unique projects, as well as the logistics and planning know-how to meet the organizational demands of multi-family roof replacements and installations. 

As the owner or property manager of a multi-family building, you have a lot to worry about in your day-to-day responsibilities. Let Dolan Roofing take care of all of your roofing needs. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and quote!

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