5 Steps to Preparing for Your Storm Damage Insurance Claim San Antonio
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5 Steps to Preparing for Your Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Here’s How to Get More from Your Insurance Provider

So your home was hit by the most recent round of severe storms, and now it’s time to file a storm damage insurance claim. But how do you make sure you’ll get the most accurate assessment from your insurance company?

At Dolan Roofing & Construction, we’ve completed countless storm restoration projects for homeowners throughout the San Antonio area. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about how the claims process works and how you can ensure a fair assessment from your insurance provider. Here are five steps you can take to prepare for your storm damage insurance claim!

1. Know the condition of your roof—and document it

In a perfect world, you would have complete photo documentation of your roof both immediately before and after a major storm strikes. But here in the real world, we know that simply isn’t feasible.

Even so, it’s a good idea to stay up to speed on the condition of your roof. Knowing the shape your roof is in before a storm strikes will carry a lot of weight when it comes to proving that any damage resulted from a recent storm. While it’s not reasonable to take pictures of your roof before each major storm, we recommend doing so at least once per year, ideally before the Texas storm season sets in.

Better yet, pair this task with an annual roof inspection from your local experts at Dolan Roofing!

2. Review your insurance details

What types of roof damage does your insurance cover? While most policies should cover the most common types of storm damage, some may not cover specific issues such as hail or wind damage. 

It’s important to know and understand all the details of your homeowners insurance sooner rather than later—so you’re not left footing the bill for damages you thought would be covered. And if you live in a hail-prone region like Texas, but hail damage isn’t covered, you might want to consider finding a new insurance policy before hail season arrives.

3. Start the storm damage insurance claim process immediately

We’re often asked “When should I file an insurance claim for storm damage?” The answer is simple: file a claim as soon as you suspect roof damage. Most insurance policies will cover storm damage to your roof, but only if a claim is filed within a certain window. 

If you miss that window, you’ll be paying for the repairs yourself, as well as any further damage that may result from leaving damage unaddressed. So as soon as a damaging storm passes through your area, contact your insurance provider immediately to let them know!

4. Have a roofer inspect your property

During the process of filing a storm damage insurance claim, your insurance provider will send an adjuster to your property to assess the damage. However, insurance adjusters are not roofers. As a result, they may miss portions of your roof that have sustained damage and offer an insufficient scope of work.

Scheduling a storm damage inspection from an expert roofer is perhaps the best tool in your arsenal when it comes to substantiating your insurance claim and ensuring a fair payout. A roofer will be able to fully inspect your roof for any signs of damage due to storms, and they can provide complete photo documentation as well to help you prepare for the adjustment process. 

5. Partner with an expert in storm damage repair and restoration

Once your storm damage insurance claim has been filed, it’s time to repair your roof. But to truly get the most out of your insurance claim payout, it’s important to partner with a roofing company with expertise in providing storm damage repairs that will fully protect your home when the next storm arrives.

Dolan Roofing: San Antonio’s Storm Restoration Experts

Here at Dolan Roofing & Construction, storm restoration and repair is our specialty. As a family-owned roofing company, we know how important your home and roof are in protecting your family, and we’ve seen firsthand the incredible damage severe storms can cause. 

We have the skills needed to not just repair your roof, but to restore all portions of your home’s exterior, including siding, gutters, decks, and more. We’re also prepared to help guide you through the insurance claim process, and we’ll even send one of our expert roofers to walk through your entire property with your insurance adjuster!

Was your roof damaged by recent storms? Speak to San Antonio’s leading storm restoration experts! Contact us today.

*DRC and its authorized representatives are NOT acting as Public Insurance Adjusters and will not negotiate with insurance on Customer’s behalf

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