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How We Partner with San Antonio’s Top Realtors

Realtors in San Antonio Texas Need Roofing Companies as Partners

Here at Dolan Roofing & Construction, we work with a wide variety of clients. As one of the top roofing companies in San Antonio, Texas, our services cover both residential and commercial roofing needs, for customers including homeowners, business owners, and property managers.

However, one area of roofing that’s commonly overlooked is the crucial partnership between realtors and roofers. We make it a point of focus to partner with realtors throughout San Antonio, as realtors often face unique roofing situations and tight timelines—demands that can only be met by highly experienced roofing companies.

Here’s how Dolan Roofing makes the ideal partner for San Antonio’s top realtors. 

Able to Work Within Tight Timelines

Of all roofing companies in San Antonio, Texas, Dolan Roofing ranks highly when it comes both to past roofing experience and past experience working with realtors specifically. We have the roof replacement process down to a science, and our team is able to work very efficiently to complete the process quickly without sacrificing quality.

Because of our experience with realtors, our roofers understand the unique deadline challenges of completing a home sale. With such a well-refined process, we’re able to apply our skills to meet this challenge and ensure no delays occur.

High Priority for Realtor Clients

Of course, while working efficiently is important, staying within a tight timeline is even easier the sooner you can get started. That’s why we prioritize our real estate clients in our scheduling, making sure our team is able to get started with a roof replacement as soon as we’re signed on for the job.

Closing on a home sale is stressful for both buyers and sellers, as this translation has such a monumental influence on both groups’ future. The last thing anyone needs in this situation is to have the sale delayed by a roof in need of repair or replacement. Our efficient process and high priority for realtors helps to turn what can otherwise be a complication for the sales process into one of the easiest items on your home sale checklist.

Flexible Payment, Even at the Closing Table

As a family-owned roofing company, we understand the monetary challenges of financing a roof replacement or major repairs. Most homeowners simply don’t have the cash lying around to fund a roof replacement immediately out of pocket, and when attempting to complete a home sale, it can be highly stressful to add paying for a new roof to the list of question marks.

When working with realtors in a home selling situation, we aim to be as flexible as possible. This means we’re happy to accept payment for a roof replacement from the seller even at the closing table. This is often an ideal solution for the home seller, as after closing they’re more likely to have the financial flexibility to complete payment—rather than paying upfront and worrying whether the sale will be finalized or not.

Your Leading Realtor Roofing Company in San Antonio, Texas

At Dolan Roofing & Construction, we love working with realtors due to the unique challenges these roofing projects bring—and because of how much of a difference we know we can make by making the roof replacement process as streamlined as possible.

Our realtor partners consistently praise our willingness and ability to meet their demanding deadlines, all while delivering the high quality and unmatched customer service and care we’re known for. 

If you have a seemingly impossible closing deadline to meet and you’re running out of options, don’t panic! Dolan Roofing leads all San Antonio, Texas roofing companies for timeliness, service, and quality—and you can trust Dolan to get it done. Contact us today to get started!

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