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Project Spotlight: 3M Commercial Roof Replacement

See How Dolan Completed This San Antonio Roof Replacement!

Dolan Roofing & Construction is the leading commercial roofing expert for business and property owners in San Antonio. Our extensive commercial roofing experience enables us to provide exceptional value to our clients by building better roofs and going the extra mile to ensure our clients save money on their commercial roofing systems.

Our Project Spotlights blog series is our way of giving our readers a peek behind the scenes at the work we do every day. For this project, our client was faced with a badly leaking roof and a potentially expensive roof replacement to address the issue. But as the leading commercial roofing expert in San Antonio, Dolan Roofing was able to answer the call and save our clients thousands of dollars in the process!

Background and clients

For this project, our client was a major US-based company who faced major problems with the commercial roofing system that covered their manufacturing facility in northwestern San Antonio. Leaks had begun to appear in their roof, which was an older installation. Because of this, they were hoping to address the problem quickly and efficiently to protect their business and avoid potential damage to key assets such as stock and critical equipment. They contacted Dolan Roofing for a quote and estimate, and our team answered the call!

The project: New commercial roofing system for San Antonio facility

Our team of professional roofers traveled to the jobsite to perform a thorough roof inspection and provide our recommendations on how to resolve 3M’s roofing issues. Because their commercial roofing system was aging and beginning to leak, we determined that the best solution for this San Antonio facility would be to fully replace the existing modified bitumen roof. 

While roof repairs are a great option for prolonging the life of many commercial roofs, in this case a roof replacement would be much more effective in addressing the leaks. Addressing the problem more completely with a roof replacement was a long-term solution that would fully protect the client’s business for many years.

The challenges: Saving money for our client

Of course, while a roof replacement was the best solution for our client, we also understand that such a major project carries significant upfront costs. During our inspection of the commercial roofing system, however, we found that recent San Antonio hail had caused significant damage not just to the roof, but to roof-mounted HVAC units as well. We extensively documented the hail damage and recommended submitting a claim to their insurance provider for coverage. 

The result: Full coverage and a satisfied customer

Ultimately, the client’s insurance company agreed with our assessment of the hail damage to the roof.* They agreed to cover the full roof replacement, as well as installation of several new HVAC units for the building. 

* Note: DRC and its authorized representatives are NOT acting as Public Insurance Adjusters and will not negotiate with insurance on Customer’s behalf.

As a result, between our efficient work on the roof replacement and our thorough documentation of hail damage to the roof, Dolan Roofing was able to help our client save tens of thousands of dollars on the out of pocket cost of their roof replacement. We take great pride in serving our customers’ best interests for each and every project, so we considered this a victory not just for our customers, but for our roofing team as well!

Our client was fully satisfied with our work once the project was completed, stating the following: “I want to give the highest marks to Dolan Restoration & Construction! Due to hail, my roof needed replacing. They went above and beyond all expectations to make me comfortable with the entire process. The crew was extremely organized, punctual and professional.”

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