6 Signs You Have Sustained Roof Wind Damage
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6 Signs You Have Sustained Roof Wind Damage

Do You Know How to Spot Wind Damage to Your Roof?

Last month, San Antonio saw historic wind gusts of over 50 mph. These high winds were definitely enough to kick up debris and do some damage, leaving many homeowners with roof wind damage.

If you’re located in the San Antonio area, it’s a good idea to check if your roof was affected by these storms. But how can you spot roof wind damage? There are actually several signs you can look for without needing to climb around on your roof. Here are 6 signs your roof has sustained wind damage.

Flapping or Missing Shingles

The most clear and obvious sign of roof wind damage is missing shingles. This happens as a result of high winds grabbing onto shingles and ripping them away from your roof. It’s more common with older roofs that may have loose shingles due to age or neglect, but when wind gusts are high enough, they can pull shingles away from even a new, healthy roof.

Look for missing shingles, or if it’s another breezy day, some shingles may be loose and flapping around on your roof. These are sure signs of wind damage.

Dents in Shingles

Sometimes wind damages your roof in more roundabout ways. While a strong wind can rip shingles off of your roof, it can also kick up debris or knock branches from trees. This debris can then cause damage to your roof. Look for clear dents or divots on your roof following a wind storm.

Dents in Siding or Fascia

It may be difficult to spot damage on your roof from the ground, and we rarely recommend climbing up to your roof to check for problems. However, there are some indirect ways to determine the likelihood that you’ve sustained roof wind damage.

For example, if high winds kicked up damaging debris, you may see dents, divots, and other damage on different parts of your home’s exterior, such as siding, metal fascia and gutters, or your deck. If these portions of your home were damaged by wind, there’s a strong chance your roof was as well.

Granule Loss

High winds can not only cause direct damage, but they can wear your roof down and leave it vulnerable as well. For example, high winds can damage the protective layer of granules along the exterior of your shingles, leaving your roof vulnerable to damage. 

Check near downspouts, if you have a gutter system, or along the edges of your roof. If you spot piles of accumulated asphalt granules, this is a sign that your roof has been damaged.

Crooked Chimney

For many homes, the chimney is the highest point. It’s also the most directly exposed to high winds, as there’s nothing to protect it from the full force of strong gusts. This can sometimes lead to high winds damaging your chimney or other things on your roof, such as antennas or vents. If you notice that your chimney is crooked, this is a sign that your roof was exposed to extremely high winds—and if those winds were strong enough to damage your chimney, they were definitely strong enough to damage your roof.

Leaks or Indoor Signs

In some cases, wind can damage your roof so significantly that it leaves your roof vulnerable to moisture intrusion and other problems. Check the interior of your home as you look for wind damage. If you notice leaks, wet spots, or other interior warning signs, it may indicate your roof was damaged by wind—and it’s definitely cause to contact a roofer immediately.

Get in Touch with Dolan to Schedule a Wind Damage Roof Inspection!

While there are many signs of roof wind damage you can spot yourself, there’s no substitute for a thorough inspection from a professional roofer. Roofers are trained to spot warning signs and damage that laymen simply overlook. And if your roof is damaged, it’s crucial to identify the problem and address it immediately.

At Dolan Roofing & Construction, we’ve been hard at work inspecting and repairing San Antonio roofs in our area following the recent wind storm. If you were in the path of our recent historic wind gusts, it’s a good idea to schedule a roof inspection sooner rather than later. Contact us today to get started!

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