5 Signs of a Hail Damaged Roof San Antonio
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5 Signs of a Hail Damaged Roof

Here are a few ways to tell if your roof has been damaged by hail

Did you know Texas is one of the most hail-prone states in the country? It’s true: Texas has one of the most intense hail seasons, and 2021 is living up to that reputation. Major hail storms have already struck San Antonio and Austin this year, leaving many homeowners with a hail damaged roof. 

A hail damaged roof is prone to leaks, drafts, and worse. That’s why, after a hail storm, it’s important to make sure your roof was unaffected—and call on a roof repair specialist if your roof was damaged by hail. So how can you tell if your roof has been damaged? Here are 5 key signs to watch for.

Broken shingles or tiles

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, one of surest signs of damage is cracked, dented, or broken shingles. The impact from hailstones can break shingles, and this is a dead giveaway for hail damage.

Tile roofs are more durable. However, in some cases hail can chip or crack roof tiles, or even knock them out of place. This is also a fairly clear sign of damage that you may be able to spot.

Missing roofing materials

While hail will most often leave damage in the form of dents and cracks, hail can also dislodge parts of the outer layer of your roof. Shingles can be knocked free and roof tiles can be dislodged from your roof. Take note of any spots where your roof is missing materials—and look around on the ground to see if you find loose shingles or roof tiles.

Dents in siding or gutters

Generally speaking, we don’t recommend climbing onto your roof to see if a hail storm damaged it. Luckily, there are plenty of other signs you can spot from the ground or elsewhere around your property.

If hail has damaged your roof, it has likely damaged other parts of your home or property as well. If you spot dents or cracks on other parts of your home, such as siding, gutters, or your deck, your roof could very well be damaged also. Damage to your car can also be a sign that your roof received damage.

Asphalt granules around your home

Roofs with asphalt shingles will typically shed asphalt granules as they age. This is pretty natural and not much cause for concern. 

After a hail storm, however, you may notice many more asphalt granules around your home than usual, either on the ground or in your gutters. An increase in this material around your home is a sign that your roof has been damaged.

Water stains or leaks

A leaky roof is always cause for immediate concern, of course. But if you start to notice water coming from your ceiling immediately after a hail storm, this is a sign of major damage to your roof. Water penetration is an urgent roofing that should be addressed as soon as possible before your roof becomes damaged beyond repair.

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A hail damaged roof is a vulnerable roof. That’s because hail damage compromises the protection of your roof, leaving opportunities for water penetration and further issues. If left unchecked, these problems can compound, leading to much more expensive repairs later on!

So, even if you haven’t noticed any of the above warning signs of damage, it’s a good idea to call on a roofing professional to inspect your roof after a hail storm strikes. Many roofing companies will offer this service free of charge following a hail storm, meaning there’s virtually no downside to making sure your roof is still in good health.

Dolan Roofing Is Standing By to Inspect Your Roof!

Whether your home was in the path of a recent hailstorm in San Antonio, or if you’d like to make sure your roof is ready for the time hail strikes, Dolan Roofing is standing by to provide a professional, thorough inspection. We’ll check every portion of your roofing system for problem spots and signs of damage, then provide you with a complete assessment and recommendation for repairs. 

With more than 30 years of combined roofing experience and 5 years in business, the Dolan Roofing San Antonio team has what it takes to protect your home from the worst hail storms. Contact us today to schedule your hail damage inspection!

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