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Commercial Roof waterproofing

In addition to our commercial roof repair and installation services, Dolan Roofing and Construction also offers roof waterproofing for commercial buildings. Waterproofing adds an extra layer of protection for your roof, preventing water damage even in the event that your drainage system falters. For greater peace of mind, even in the rainiest months, call on Dolan Restoration’s expert waterproofing services!

Keep Your Commercial Roof Protected with Waterproofing

Your commercial roof is designed to stand up against the elements. But while commercial roofs resist water, they aren’t waterproof by default. Due to the shallow pitch, water is often the biggest enemy of flat and low slope roofing systems. If anything goes wrong with your roof’s drainage system, water can begin to penetrate beneath the roof’s surface, damaging interiors, equipment, stock, and more. To help avoid this situation, you may want to consider roof waterproofing for your commercial building.

Prompt, professional service with minimal interruptions

Delays and interruptions can be a problem for your business. As a locally owned business ourselves, we understand the importance of mitigating interruptions to productivity. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process for all of our restoration and repair services, including waterproofing. When you call on Dolan Roofing, we’ll set up a complete timeline to waterproof your commercial roof and stick to it. In most cases, our team can apply the waterproofing material to your roof without any need for work stoppages on your end. What’s more, with additional protection added to your roof, you avoid potential stoppages due to leaks and water damage in the future.

Discover how Waterproofing Can Protect Your Commercial Roofing System for Years to Come

How can roof waterproofing protect your property?

Inclement weather, including storms and heavy downpours, is common in many regions. If your roof can’t dry out, it can lead to a variety of serious issues. Adding waterproofing to your roofing system can help avoid problems such as:

Structural damage

Structural damage

Water seeping through the surface of your roof can cause a variety of structural damage to your building. This includes damage to the deeper structure of your roof, as well as to interior walls and ceilings.

Mold on ceiling

Mold and mildew

As water sits on the surface of your roof, moss can begin to form. Mold and mildew, meanwhile, can appear on your building’s interior if water is allowed in. Waterproofing keeps water out while preventing the growth of moss, mildew and mold on the surface.

Water staining on ceiling

Water stains and paint damage

Water reaching the interior of your commercial building can create unsightly stains and spots on ceilings and walls, as well as cause paint to crack and peel.

New commercial roof coating

Dolan Restoration: Your Go-to Contractor for Roof Waterproofing and More!

At Dolan Roofing and Construction, our business is taking care of yours. That’s why we offer a complete selection of commercial roofing solutions for flat and low slope roofs. Roof waterproofing adds more protection to your roof and can help extend its lifespan by many years. Meanwhile, our commercial roof repair, replacement, and maintenance services ensure that your roof is well taken care of at every stage of its lifespan. With more than 25 years of experience in the roofing industry, you can trust Dolan to keep your business protected while providing unmatched customer service. Contact the Dolan Roofing & Restoration team today for roof waterproofing and many more commercial roofing services!
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Dolan Reviews

Dolan Restoration & Construction did and outstanding job on my roof. The crew was very efficient and worked very hard. They clean up very nicely. They had a big crew and finished the job in one day. Their customer service is amazing!!! Excellent job!!! Johnny and Mike were excellent to work with throughout the process.
Very professional company with very skilled workers. Johnny worked with the insurance adjuster and company to insure all the damages from the hail storm was covered. The repair crew led by Mike was very polite and professional. They were very efficient and left my property clean and undamaged. I am hard to please and strict on contractors, but I would use Dolan Roofing again without hesitation. I highly recommend this great company!
Dolan roofing company were excellent t! From the day Dennis explained the process with my insurance to the follow-up after the job was done. The experience was first class!
They did a great job replacing our roof. Customer service is excellent. Completed the job in one day with a big crew. Very professional and the crew cleaned everything up when they were done! Johnny has been great to work with. We are very happy with their work and our new roof would definitely recommend!

Answers to your Commercial Roof Waterproofing questions

Check out these frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still need answers.

Does roof watering proofing really work?

Roof waterproofing is a very effective method of creating a barrier from moisture. It not only prevents roof leaks but reduces the risk of moisture damage to your property’s interior. 

Will roof waterproofing add years to my commercial roof?

Yes, roof waterproofing can add years to the lifespan of your roofing system by preventing water damage. 

What is roof waterproofing?

Waterproofing adds an extra layer of protection for your flat or low slope roof, preventing water damage even in the event that your drainage system fails.