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How To Tell If Your Roof Has Hail Damage

Not Sure How to Tell If Your Roof Has Hail Damage? Here Are the Signs to Watch For

Hail damage is a common roofing issue, and understanding how to tell if your roof has hail damage can be an important skill for homeowners. By knowing which signs to look for, you’ll be better equipped to identify potential hail damage early on, enabling you to schedule a roof repair promptly and avoid roofing complications.

Here in Central Texas, we see more than our fair share of major hail storms. At Dolan Roofing & Construction, we’ve been busy completing hail damage repairs and replacements throughout our service areas. For homeowners in San Antonio, Round Rock, and other areas that experienced major hail storms this year, knowing how to tell if your roof has hail damage could make a big difference. Here are our top signs to watch for, depending on the type of roof you have.

Asphalt Shingles

Traditional asphalt shingles may become damaged by large hailstones. Since these tend to be the most common types of residential roofs, many homeowners should learn how to tell if an asphalt shingle roof has hail damage.

Key signs of hail damage to look for on shingles include visible dark spots on your roof, indicating potential impact damage. Shingles may also be cracked or even dislodged. In addition, you may notice excessive asphalt granules in your gutters, near downspouts, or on the ground near your roof line.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are only rarely damaged by hail, as tile is among the most durable roofing materials in common usage. Typically, a tile roof will only be damaged by particularly large and dense hailstones.

In the event that your tile roof is damaged by hail, the signs will be fairly obvious to the naked eye. A hail damaged tile roof will have cracked or broken roof tiles, and there will likely be chunks of roofing tile on the ground near your home.

Metal Roofing

As with tile, metal roofing systems are rarely damaged by hail. That said, metal roof hail damage does happen occasionally, and if your home has a metal roof it’s still important to know what to look for.

In general, hail damage to a metal roof will appear as major dents. While small hail may leave dings and marks on a metal roof, this is typically just cosmetic and won’t affect the performance of the roof. If you notice large dents, however, or even holes or cracks in the surface of the metal, this is cause to contact a roofer for an inspection.

Other Ways to Tell If Your Roof Has Hail Damage

In addition to taking a look at your roof, there are a few other methods we recommend on how to tell if your roof has hail damage. One of the most reliable ways is to complete a visual inspection on all portions of your home exterior, not just your roof. For example, if your deck shows signs of major hail damage or your siding is full of dents and cracks, chances are your roof did not escape unscathed. 

Another method is to pay attention to your neighbors. If homeowners in your neighborhood have been replacing their roofs, chances are your home was damaged as well.

Lastly, always pay attention to weather reports before and after major hail storms. Hail damage depends in large part on the size and density of hailstones, and if major damage is reported in your area, it’s a good practice to schedule an inspection right away.

Don’t Delay an Inspection or Repair!

If you notice any of the above signs of hail damage, it’s important to act fast to schedule an inspection and complete a roof repair if needed. While Texas law generally allows up to two years to file a claim, repairing hail damage promptly will prevent roofing issues from worsening and avoid major problems such as leaks that could lead to further damage throughout your home.

For homeowners in San Antonio, Round Rock, and throughout our service areas, this year was busy when it comes to hail damage. Make sure your roof weathered the storm! Contact Dolan Roofing today to schedule a hail damage inspection.


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