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San Antonio’s Roof Leak Repair Experts

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As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers—and while April isn’t the rainiest month in San Antonio, that’s when things certainly start to pick up before the big rain and thunderstorms arrive in May and June. If your roof isn’t ready for the rainier seasons, there’s a good chance you’ll be faced with a roof leak repair for your San Antonio home.

And as the leading roof leak repair experts in San Antonio, the Dolan Roofing team is here to tell you that now is the time to make sure your roof is ready for the spring and summer storms. A timely roof inspection and repair now will go a long way toward keeping your family happy and dry. Here’s what you need to know!

Now is the perfect time for an inspection

Scheduling an inspection near the end of winter is typically a smart move for any San Antonio homeowner. While our winters certainly aren’t the harshest in the country, colder temperatures can cause roofing materials and seals to crack or weaken, leaving your roof more vulnerable. And since rainstorms haven’t yet arrived, there’s still an opportunity to have a professional roofer examine your roof to make sure it’s ready for the stormy months ahead.

Is your roof showing signs of leaking?

You may not need a San Antonio roofer to tell you your roof has a leak in need of repair. Some signs of roof damage and leaks are clear and obvious. You likely need a roof repair if you notice any of the following signs of water penetration on your roof:

  • Water dripping from your ceiling
  • Water stains on your ceiling or on your walls
  • Appearance of mold or mildew, particularly in your home’s attic
  • Musty or damp smells, especially in your attic
  • Damaged shingles, or shingles missing from your roof

Don’t delay a roof repair!

The good news about roofing issues is that many problems can be resolved through a roof repair, rather than a more costly roof replacement. However, the chance of you needing a roof replacement increases the longer roofing issues are left unaddressed. Minor damage or vulnerabilities on your roof will compound over time, as storms and weather continue to weaken the roof’s structure and allow moisture to penetrate to your roof’s underlying structure.

An early roof repair is often a very effective roof repair. The minor upfront cost of a leak repair will ensure your roof is ready to stand up against the worst San Antonio weather for much longer.

We’re the storm restoration experts!

At Dolan Roofing, we got our start as a storm restoration company serving the greater San Antonio area. Those roots continue to run through our company even as we’ve turned our focus to roofing, and helping homeowners ensure the functionality of their roofs against San Antonio’s notorious storms is still among our top priorities.

Our storm restoration expertise covers your roof from all angles. We’re adept at thorough storm damage inspections, roof leak repairs, and helping San Antonio homeowners prepare for the next round of storms by recommending the best materials in the industry. 

Dolan Roofing: Roof Leak Repair & Inspection in San Antonio

If you’re in need of a roof leak repair in San Antonio, or if you’d like an inspection to make sure your roof is ready for the spring and summer, our roofing team is standing by to provide the expert roofing services you need. We have more than a decade under our belts in the roofing industry, and we pride ourselves on treating our customers like members of our own Dolan family.

Don’t put off a roof repair! Contact us today to schedule your inspection and make sure your roof is in perfect health.

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