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Round Rock Hail Damage? Act Before It’s Too Late!

If You’re Faced with Round Rock Hail Damage, Now Is the Time to File a Claim 

Central Texas is often subject to major hail storms, and this year was no different. Residents of Round Rock saw massive hail pelt their community this September, resulting in widespread damage to homes, cars, and other property.

At Dolan Roofing & Construction, we’ve been hard at work helping homeowners in the Round Rock community get back on their feet. We’ve seen incredible progress already as numerous homes have already had repairs and replacements completed to address major hail damage. The window to file a claim for Round Rock hail damage is still wide open—but it won’t be open forever. If your home was in the path of this massive storm, here’s why you should schedule a roof inspection today!

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Round Rock Residents Left with Millions in Hail Damage

While hail falls relatively frequently here in Central Texas, not all storms cause widespread roof damage. The storm that struck Round Rock, however, was a “big one,” devastating roofs throughout the area and ultimately dealing an estimated $27 million in damage.

The storm, which swept through on Sept. 24, created large hailstones that pelted the entire community. Some hailstones were truly massive, even reaching the size of baseballs, according to reports. This type of hail is more than enough to deal significant roof damage, often necessitating a full replacement.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

Strictly speaking, Texas residents typically have up to two years from the date of the storm event to file an insurance claim. This gives residents leeway, particularly for storms where hail damage may not be obvious, or for times when roofers’ schedules are jam-packed with roof inspections, repairs, and replacement projects.

The precise amount of time you have will likely depend on your insurance provider, but in general this two-year window should apply. That said, there are many reasons why you should schedule that roof inspection and repair sooner rather than later in San Antonio.

Why You Should Schedule Your Inspection Now

Leaving roof damage unaddressed is never a good idea, particularly when that damage results from a storm as powerful and destructive as this one. Any amount of roof damage leaves your roof vulnerable to the elements, which can lead to even more significant problems throughout your home.

For example, hail damage may crack, loosen, or even dislodge roofing materials like shingles. When this happens, a gap is created that allows moisture to penetrate through your roof’s protective outer layer to the underlayment below. Over time, this moisture will seep through your roof and can create leaks, which in turn can damage your roof’s underlying structure or your home’s interior, including paint, furniture, and important possessions.

More importantly, damage to these portions of your home may not be covered by your insurance at all, particularly if it results from neglecting to repair your roof. So while you may have up to two years to fix hail damage to your roof, Round Rock residents are strongly advised to repair damage as quickly as possible.

Schedule Your Round Rock Hail Damage Inspection

If your home was impacted by the major Round Rock hail storm this fall, now is the time to book an inspection. At Dolan Roofing, our hail damage experts are hard at work assessing, diagnosing, and repairing hail damage for residents throughout the community, helping to pick up the pieces and shore up homes for next year’s storm season.

Currently our calendar is open for inspections, so book yours today before spring arrives! Contact us to get started.

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