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Interested in Solar? The Right Company Makes All the Difference

Feb 7, 2023

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Interested in Solar? The Right Company Makes All the Difference

Choosing the right company for any home project can be tricky, and solar installation is no different. A major reason for going solar is to save money on energy costs, and the longer your array lasts the more chance it will have to accumulate savings for your family. A long-lasting solar array all starts with excellent initial installation, as well as high-quality solar panels and a partner you can count on throughout the life of your system.

At Dolan Roofing & Construction, our solar partners are some of the best in the industry, and as roofing experts we help our customers get even more from their solar systems. As leading solar installers, we’re providing a few common pitfalls to avoid when choosing the right solar company.

Mistake 1: Not Shopping Quotes

While we feel that we’re the best solar installers for our customers, we still encourage our readers and potential clients to shop around. Getting multiple quotes is always a good idea if you can afford to wait, as you’ll have a much better chance of choosing the exact right solar company to meet your unique needs. 

Interested in quicker installation? In-house manufacturing? Longevity in the industry? When you get multiple quotes, you’ll be able to compare each installer side by side before making a final decision. Just make sure you work with a roofing company as well—more on that later!

Mistake 2: Choosing Based Solely on Price

Once you’ve gathered quotes from several competing companies, be careful to avoid mistake number two: choosing the “right” solar company based exclusively on the price. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for with solar companies—and budget installers should be looked at with as much skepticism as in, say, roofing.

Take care to evaluate each quote based on factors beyond the price. What’s the track record of this company? What do past customers have to say about the quality of their work and products? What partners do they work with, and what additional benefits do they offer—if any?

Chances are the right solar company won’t be the cheapest, but it’s worth it to get a high-quality array that will power your home for decades without compromising your roof.

Mistake 3: Not Getting a Warranty

One reason to exercise caution with the cheapest solar companies is due to warranties. Some companies are able to offer a lower quote because they aren’t accounting for any warranty coverage on their workmanship or the parts used to manufacture your solar array. The price might be lower upfront—but if anything should happen to your solar array, you’ll be left footing the bill.

A warranty is one of the best ways to get peace of mind with solar installations. At Dolan Roofing, we partner with SolarInsure on all solar projects so that our customers are covered for years to come. SolarInsure covers solar components for up to 30 years, helping you protect your investment and squeeze even more value out of your solar array.

Mistake 4: Not Working With a Roofing and Solar Company

So you’ve chosen your solar installer. Now you’re ready to install your new solar array immediately—right?

Actually, the smartest decision you can make throughout the solar installation process is to partner with a roofing company in addition to your solar provider. Since a solar array needs to operate for many years to maximize value and pay for itself, you’ll need to make sure the roof supporting it will last for years to come, too! Partnering with both a roofer and a solar company is a surefire way to maintain the structural integrity of your roof and avoid potential pitfalls with solar installation.

Dolan Roofing’s new solar division aims to provide our customers with a seamless roofing and solar experience. We’ll inspect your roof both before and after installation of your solar array to ensure your roof is in perfect condition throughout the process. What’s more, when you work with our solar partners, we protect your array through SolarInsure, the top warranty provider in the industry.

Ready to go solar? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!