San Antonio Hail Damage Repair: Now Is the Time to Book
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Why Now Is the Time to Address Your San Antonio Hail Damage Repair

Schedule Your San Antonio Hail Damage Repair Before Rain and Cold Arrive

We’ve had a busy hail season here in San Antonio, with our calendar full of hail damage inspections and repair services. Major storms have brought plenty of roof and property damage, leaving homeowners throughout Central Texas to pick up the pieces. 

When the hail season declines, it may be tempting to leave your roof as-is and delay a repair until closer to next spring. However, hail damage leaves your roof vulnerable—and the current outlook points to a cold, wet season ahead of us.

As leading experts of storm restoration in San Antonio experts, our team at Dolan Roofing & Construction strongly encourages you to schedule an inspection and repairs as soon as possible—before the rain and cold arrives. This will help improve the health of your roof and prevent major roofing issues from developing. Here’s what you need to know.

This Year Was Busy for Hail

This spring and summer, San Antonio residents saw a significant amount of hail damage, with multiple damaging hail storms sweeping through our city and Central Texas in general. While some homeowners may have been lucky enough to escape unscathed, many certainly weren’t, and roofers have had their calendars filled up with hail damage repair services throughout San Antonio.

Even for homes where hail damage isn’t obvious, it’s still possible that your roof was damaged, as the major storms we saw included high wind gusts and torrential rains. Overall, it was a long and difficult storm season for roofs in our area.

Forecast Ahead: Cold and Wet

While it’s difficult to predict the weather too far in advance, the prognostications from experts have been very clear about the upcoming months: it will be a cold, wet fall and winter for folks here in Central Texas.

Looking to the months ahead, weather experts have warned against the Super El Niño bringing big changes in weather patterns. While this is certainly good news for adding moisture back to the soil throughout our state, it also means a much higher likelihood of precipitation throughout this fall and winter—including both rain and, yes, even snow!

In other words, with moisture and precipitation at much higher levels than the last few years, it’ll be more critical than ever to ensure your roof is up to the task of weathering the winter months.

There’s Still Time for Repairs—but Schedule Now

El Niño predictions are always variable, and in general weather experts anticipate this climate event to begin anywhere from late fall to December—or even later. This is good news for homeowners who have yet to schedule a San Antonio hail damage repair, as it means you still have time to complete roofing work before the precipitation arrives. 

However, it’s still important not to delay roofing work! Most roofing companies throughout our area still have busy schedules with all the storm damage we’ve experienced, so it’s important to book your inspection, repairs, or replacement well in advance of the coming winter months.

Schedule Your San Antonio Hail Damage Inspection & Repair

At Dolan Roofing, our roofing experts can’t stress the importance of prompt roof repairs enough. No matter what time of year, it’s always best to address potential hail or other storm damage as soon as possible to prevent damage from worsening and compromising your roofing system. Now, though, the clock is ticking, as it’s clear that a wet, cold winter is very likely to be in our future.

If your home was in the path of San Antonio’s many strong storms this summer, now is the time to book an inspection. Our roofers are still available to identify hail and wind damage and complete repairs well before the winter months set in. Contact us today!

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