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Interior Signs of Roof Damage

Roof Damage Can Be More Than Shingle Deep—Look for These Interior Signs

Your roof is a complete system designed to protect your home, your loved ones, and your property from the outdoor elements. While it’s easy to think of your roof as just the shingles along the exterior, it’s actually a complex system—and various issues with different parts of that system can make themselves known throughout your home. While exterior damage from things like hail can be easy to spot, interior signs of roof damage often signal more severe problems.

At Dolan Roofing & Construction, we’ve often found that homeowners don’t always know what signs of roof damage to look for, particularly when it comes to signs inside your home. What’s more, freezing temperatures can often cause damage to your home that may not be visible from the outside. Here are our top signs of roof damage to look for inside your home.

Moisture Accumulation

One of the main roles your roof plays is in protecting your home from moisture. Moisture can wreak all sorts of havoc on your home, from unpleasant annoyances like mold and mildew to structural rot. 

If your roof is allowing moisture to enter your home, you may see a number of interior signs that reveal this problem. The classic example is water dripping from your ceiling—but leaks that severe take a long time to develop, and it’s much better if you spot earlier signs.

A more common sign of unwanted moisture is stains on your ceiling or walls. These stains may be yellow or brownish in color, and they typically point to a moisture penetrating a damaged roof. 

an attic where signs of roof damage may lie

Signs in Your Attic

When it comes to assessing the health of your roof from the inside of your home, your attic is a crucial place to look. There are many interior signs of roof damage that you can identify from this area of your home if you know what you’re looking for.

As mentioned above, mold and mildew could indicate roof damage. In addition, these problems, along with foul or musty odors, could indicate that your roof’s ventilation is insufficient or otherwise compromised.

If you notice drafts or areas of light, this could be an indication of roof damage as well. Finally, if your attic is unbearably hot, this could also point to a roof ventilation issue.

High Energy Bills

Because your roof plays such a key role in regulating the temperature of your home, it’s important to know when your HVAC system is working overtime. When your roof is allowing too much air to enter your home in winter or summer—or not allowing for proper ventilation—you’ll likely notice it in the form of rising energy bills. Drafts in the winter can keep your heat on constantly, while poor ventilation in your attic gives hot air nowhere to go in the summer.

If your energy bills have suddenly risen, it could be a sign that your roof has been damaged or simply isn’t performing as it should.

Call Dolan Today If You Spot Any of These Signs!

At Dolan Roofing, we feel it’s important for homeowners to know the signs of roof damage, whether it’s interior signs or hail damage on the surface of your roof. Knowing signs of roof damage can help you notice problems more quickly—and the faster you notice roof damage the more effective roof repairs will be.

If you spot any of the above interior signs of roof damage, contact the roofing professionals at Dolan Roofing immediately! Our team will complete a thorough inspection, identify and diagnose the issue, and make recommendations for how to fix your roof. Contact us today to get started.

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