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Roof Leak Warning Signs That Can Jeopardize Your Home Sale

Along with getting married and starting a new job, selling your home is one of life’s most stressful experiences. Just how stressful is it? A recent survey from Zillow revealed that 36 percent of home sellers say the process actually made them cry (that’s over one-third).

When it comes to tackling this anxiety-inducing hurdle, it’s critical to do what you can to make the sale go smoothly. That may include getting key areas of your home inspected ahead of time to spot potential problems before buyers do. Your roof is one such area.


If your home betrays warning signs of a roof leak, or if your roof shows signs of wear, this is going to be a major deterrent to buyers when it comes time to inspect the property. Before putting your house on the market, make sure to address these “roofing red flags” with a residential roof repair.

Water Stains on the Walls or Ceiling

If water has leaked through your roof into your home, it can leave stains where it comes into contact with walls and ceilings. The stains can be large, dark spots with brown rings around the edges, but sometimes the spots can be smaller and less obvious. When you check your home for these stains, don’t forget those dark corners you tend not to visit!

Missing, Curling, or Buckling Shingles

Your roof should have a full set of “healthy” shingles. However, due to the climate, windblown debris, or tree branches growing a little too close, some of your shingles might be missing or a little worse for wear. Check for any that are missing or that are not lying flat.

Curling shingles can occur when they absorb moisture or when there is too much hot air in your attic. Buckling shingles can indicate that your roof’s deck has shifted or that the tar paper (also called roofing felt) underneath was incorrectly applied. Bottom line: if your roof shingles are not perfectly in place, there’s a greater chance that a leak will occur.

Granular Loss

Shingles have a granulated surface to make them more durable. When you get a new roof installed, it’s typical to see some loose granules at first. However, more substantial granular loss can become a problem for aging roofs and leave them susceptible to the elements. When this granular loss occurs, shingles tend to look darker and worn, and you’ll often be able to see the fallen granules in your gutters.

Damaged Flashing

Your roof’s flashing plays a significant role in leak prevention. It’s made of thin sheets of metal, and roofers install it around features like chimneys and vents and anywhere there is a joint in the roof. The flashing directs water away from these otherwise leak-prone areas. If your flashing has become bent, cracked, or corroded, call a roofer for a repair as soon as possible.

Contact a Roof Repair Expert If You Spot Warning Signs of a Leak!

If your roof is leaking or otherwise in poor shape, it can hurt the value of your home when it comes time to sell. A roofing professional can help prepare your home for listing by fixing any outstanding issues such as leaks, hail damage, and more.

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