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Best Roofer in San Antonio: Our Customers Have Spoken

Our honesty, courteousness, and expertise shine in the eyes of our customers

At Dolan Restoration, we strive every day to be the best roofer in San Antonio. This takes time, dedication, and a knack for delivering high-quality roofing solutions along with an excellent customer experience. We feel that we’ve lived up to those lofty aspirations, but of course you shouldn’t just take our word for it—you should listen to our past customers! So today, we’re taking a look at reviews from our satisfied customers to show you exactly what has made us the best roofer in San Antonio.

Honest, communicative, and straightforward roofers

“DRC is simply awesome. […] They were honest, upfront, professional, and timely. They took care of everything with our insurance company. They made the project super easy. No hidden costs, they mean what they say and stand behind it.” ~Brian W.

With some roofing companies, it can be hard to get a straight answer or a prompt response when you need to communicate with them. Not so here at Dolan Roofing and Restoration! We always make it our mission to communicate as honestly as possible with all of our customers. Whether it’s a roofing inspection or a quote, we’ll provide you with complete and accurate information every time.

A truly local, neighborly roofing company

“Other homeowners in my subdivision used them and I could see for myself how their roofs looked compared to other companies. Every employee that I dealt with was friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Work was done on time, price was reasonable, and the cleanup was way better than expected. Even the neighbor’s yard was cleaned up from all the debris. In 30 years they will be the ones to call!” ~TJ M.

To be the best roofer in San Antonio, we need to be here, in San Antonio, as a part of the community. Dolan Roofing and Restoration has worked here in the San Antonio community for years, ever since we got our start. Throughout that time, we’ve always aimed to provide the best experience possible, treating each and every one of our customers like a member of our own family. That’s what being a good neighbor is all about! We want to be a company you can trust to be there for you whenever you need us—whether it’s next year or 30 years from now.

We can restore your home’s entire exterior, not just your roof

“After a big hail storm, Dolan was on the job to get me a new roof! The roof is fantastic and the installers were efficient and professional. And the great news about Dolan is that they are not only helping me with my roof, but with other parts of my home that were damaged during the storm as well! I highly recommend Dolan for any of your repair or remodeling needs.” -Zach McIntosh

San Antonio’s storms and severe weather are sure to damage your roof at some point, but they don’t stop there. Other parts of your home’s exterior, such as your siding, gutters, and deck, are also exposed to inclement weather and liable to become damaged. Part of what makes us the best roofer in San Antonio is that we can restore not just your roof, but your home’s entire exterior! Rather than calling two or three or more contractors, Dolan Roofing is here to be your one-stop shop when it comes to roof repairs and storm restoration for your home.

Dolan Roofing and Restoration: The Best Roofer in San Antonio

We know we have our fair share of competition here in San Antonio, but that means we’ll never quit pushing to be the best roofer we can possibly be. Our past customers praise our professionalism, honesty, communication skills, workmanship, and much more. Those are all values we hold dear here at Dolan Restoration, so we’re very glad to hear it. Of course, the only way to know for sure that we’re the best roofer for your San Antonio roofing project is to get in touch with us. So if you’re in need of expert residential or commercial roofing services, contact us today and let us prove our worth!

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