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The Anatomy of a Roof Replacement Quote: Why Cheaper Isn’t Always the Best Value

The Cheapest Roofer Often Isn’t the Best Choice

When it comes to hiring a San Antonio roofing contractor for your roof replacement, it can be very tempting to choose the roofer that offers the lowest quote. A roof replacement is typically expensive, after all, so saving money on the upfront cost can be a way for many homeowners to try and limit the damage to their bank account.

Unfortunately, the contractor that offers the lowest quote won’t always be the contractor that offers the best long-term value—in fact, they rarely are. Besides the many benefits of choosing a more experienced San Antonio roofing contractor, some less-ethical roofing companies that undercut other roofers do so by providing an incomplete estimate and adding scope after the fact, leaving homeowners on the hook for unexpected additional fees.

Here at Dolan Roofing & Construction, we’re committed to communicating openly with our customers and providing full and complete quotes. Next time you’re choosing a roofing contractor in San Antonio, make sure to look carefully at each bid you receive, particularly the lower ones—and make sure every roofer is being honest with you.

What to look for in a roofing quote

So what does a quote for a roof replacement look like, anyway? Well, a complete quote will be more than just one number. In fact, it will include several different components illustrating where the total price for the bid is coming from. Honest roofing companies will include all of this information, while unscrupulous companies will attempt to hide additional costs.

At a minimum, you should look for the following costs to be mentioned somewhere in the roofing estimate you receive:

  • Materials – A full and descriptive list of roofing materials will include not just shingles, but underlayment, flashing, and ventilation components as well.
  • Labor – While this may vary slightly from the initial bid, most roofers will estimate the amount of man-hours they expect for the project.
  • Permits – Depending on your project and local building codes, permits may be necessary, and these often include a fee.
  • Cleanup – All that roofing debris needs to go somewhere! The cost to haul away roofing debris should be included upfront in the quote you receive.

In addition to costs, your estimate should include other details about the project you’re planning. This includes the roofer’s insurance information and other credentials, estimated start and finish dates for the project, the payment terms, and the total cost. 

Note that if your roofer cannot provide proof of insurance (either within their quote or separately), you should not work with them, as you can be held liable for any injuries that occur if your roofer is uninsured.

A quote is not the only source of value!

While a roof replacement carries a significant upfront cost, that cost is not the only way to get more or less value from your new roof. Depending on the roofer you choose, they may be able to offer better warranties or simply build a sturdier roof that will require fewer repairs over its lifetime.

A good way to get more value from your roof in the long term is to hire a more experienced roofer. Experienced roofers typically have more roofing knowledge born from years of roofing experience. In addition, more longevity in the roofing industry leads to strong business relationships with the industry’s best manufacturers. For example, as an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, we’re able to offer our customers extended warranties on roofs that use Owens Corning products, which cover both materials and workmanship. 

In other words, while an experienced San Antonio roofing contractor may cost slightly more upfront, they can provide much better value than cut-rate roofers over the entire life of your roof.

Dolan Roofing: Your Trusted San Antonio Roofing Contractor

For us here at Dolan Roofing, we care about much more than just building roofs. Our goal is to be better than the rest by being different from roofing companies who are just looking to make a quick buck by undercutting the competition with incomplete quotes and poor workmanship. 

At Dolan Roofing, we value honesty and integrity throughout every project we complete—from the first point of contact until well after the project is complete. We provide detailed quotes because we feel that our potential customers should be fully informed as they choose which San Antonio roofing contractor is best for them. 

If you’re ready to experience the Dolan difference for your next roofing project, contact us today for a quote!

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